Foreign Relations of Mewniuvia

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The Community of Mewniuvia, due to its silence and lack of contacting other nations, doesn't have any mutual recognition treaty with any micronation. Mewniuvia joined the Union Against Micronational War (UAMW) on 14 June 2018, beeing the only international organization where the micronation takes part. All purposals of relations are decided by the King D.Dinis I

Territorial disputes

Recognised macronations; no relations

Recognised micronations; no relations

Recognised micronations; formal relations

Recognised micronations; former relations

  • File:Yadraflag.svg Kingdom of Yadra - cut relations after the exiting of Mewniuvia of the Commonwealth of Yadra on 5 March 2018.

International Organizations where Mewniuvia takes part