VI Legislature (Adammia)

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This is a list of members of the Empire of Adammia's Ruling Council during the term of VI Legislature, from 2017-2018.

VI Legislature
V Legislature VII Legislature
Meeting placeVarwall
Term6 December 2017 – 13 June 2018
ElectionNovember 2017 Adammic local elections
GovernmentHelliker Cabinet
Ruling Council
VI Legislature.png
MembersGovernment (7)

Opposition (3)

ChairEmperor Adam I
Prime MinisterLord Alex Helliker
Deputy Prime MinisterLord General Luca Panconi
Leader of the OppositionLady Admiral Ems Simpson
Position Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party Notes
Councilor of Greater Tytannia HIM Emperor Adam I 12 November 2017 Liberal Monarch, Lord Chancellor, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Councilor of Serkatia HG Sir Alex Helliker 12 November 2017 Moderate Prime Minister, Minister of Defence
Councilor of Alluria Sir Jack Sykes 12 November 2017 Independent Opposition backbench
Councilor of Paternia HG Admiral Emily Simpson 12 November 2017 Nuclear Leader of the Opposition
Duke / Duchess of Greater Tytannia HG Commodore Sir Joe Daniels 14 November 2017 Liberal Minister of Defence
HG Lady Madam Hermione Peace 6 June 2018 Dank Minister of National Development
Duke of Serkatia HG Colonel Sir Zak Maguire 14 November 2017 Moderate Minister of National Development
HG Lord Sir Sam Maude 6 June 2018 Labour Opposition backbench
Duke of Alluria HG General Sir Luca Panconi 28 October 2017 Liberal Deputy Prime Minister
Duke of Paternia HG Callum Gurr 14 November 2017 Liberal Minister of Citizenship and Information
Delegate of Abroad Citizens Asher Bond 16 November 2017 Independent Opposition backbench
Delegate of the Colonies Owain Davies 26 November 2017 Independent Minister of Finance