Tytannia Major

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Tytannia Major

County of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded28 April 2013 (28 November 2013 in present form)
Disestablished28 October 2017
CountHIH Crown Prince Daniel

Tytannia Major was one of the three counties that made up the Province of Tytannia in the Empire of Adammia. It had a size of 215m² and a population of 0. It was comprised of the back garden of White Gold Palace. After the Empire of Adammia Act 2017 was passed, Tytannia Major ceased to exist as a territorial entity as Tytannia itself became a county.


The Count of Tytannia Major was Crown Prince Daniel. He was appointed to this role by HG Winifred Hall in her capacity as Duchess of Tytannia. As the county was a mostly ceremonial sub-division, it had very little impact on mainstream Adammic politics.


Imperial City

Areas of Imperial City within Tytannia Major included Governor's Residence, Imperial Square, Central Park, Koifish Lake and Imperial City Industrial Estate.

The Highlands

The land in Tytannia Major not within Imperial City was collectively known as The Highlands. This included the Tytannia Army Base and Outwood Orchard.


Norton Road (the A1) lead from Imperial Square out of Imperial City towards the Highlands. Demijohn Street (the B101) lead around the back of Governor's Residence.