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Mohawk Empire





Mohawk flag2.pngBorealia coat of arms.png

Nil Desperandum

Devon, Great Britain
Capital cityCity of Hall
Official language(s)English
Short nameThe Mohawks
GovernmentElective monarchy
- EmperorThomas I
Established12 December 2014
Area claimed21,976m² (5.4 acres)
Population13 (256 total)
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zoneUTC

The Mohawk Empire is a micronation located in Devon. Its territory is the former Adammic colony of Borealia. It has 8 residents who are registered citizens (with at least three others unregistered, thus not counting towards the official population). It contains its own Online Television Channel. It is the last remnant of Mohawk civilization and is arguably one of most fought over territories in all of micronationalism, as it was in a constant state of war from 2005 to 2015.


The Mohawk Empire is the latest incarnation of several states that have existed in the area in the "Den World" sector in Devon. The first of these was NED, from 2005 to 2009. Following a rebellion, NED collapsed and was replaced by DEONQED (Democratic Empire of North Queen Elizabeth Drive) in 2010. Eventually, DEONQED too fell into decline, and in July 2014 a revolution was held against the reigning Emperor Ben. The remaining citizens of DEONQED elected Emperor Adam I as their new Emperor, putting DEONQED in personal union with the Empire of Adammia. On 22 July 2014, DEONQED was merged with the Empire and renamed to Borealia. Borealia was originally a Territorial Claim of Adammia. Plans were formed to return the region to its former glory, such as rebuilding the old DEONQED capital of Spoliarium Magna, and constructing a foundry which could melt aluminium.

In December 2014 it was discovered that in becoming Emperor of Borealia, Adam I had inherited the title of Mohawk Leader, which he promptly abdicated. Tom Martin then claimed the title and established the Mohawk Empire, creating a diplomatic stand-off with Adammia. The Mohawk Empire then remained dormant until 1 August 2016, when the Borealian Independence Referendum resulted in Borealia becoming independent from Adammia. After Adam I abdicated the Borealian throne, the Borealian people elected Martin as their new Emperor. His first act was to unify the Mohawk Empire and Borealia, effectively giving the Mohawk Empire Borealia's territory.


The Mohawk government is led by Emperor Thomas I, who is the head of government and has the final say on matters of governance. Responsibilities are delegated to various people in his leadership team. Will McCracken is the Ambassador of the Empire, and deals with diplomacy and the interaction of the Empire with the outside world. Nathaniel Scarborough is General of the Mohawk Army, and is in charge with handling military affairs and making sure they are properly equipped. Ben Cain is in charge of the Imperial Treasury, and is in charge of handling trade and the budget of the Empire. James Steel is chief Pyromancer, and is in charge of developing the Empire's special weaponry. Sam Collins is chief Necromancer, and handles health within the Empire.


The military of the Mohawks are armed with air rifles, pistols, and are developing a missile defence system to be based in Spoliarium Magna. The military projects power throughout its sector, and is unchallenged as the primary power in the Den World.

The military is made up of 80 soldiers divided into ten 8 man regiments. Each regiment is in turn divided into two 4 man squads. Each squad has one engineer, two infantrymen and a sergeant. One of the two sergeants in a regiment is elected to be the captain of that regiment. The whole army is led by the General.

Mohawk soldiers at the Bunker.


The Mohawk Empire is very industrialized, having within its boundaries a main foundry which is capable of melting aluminium. It also possesses within its bounds skilled labourers who can build complicated buildings and can create weapons. Its chief industries are construction, computer manufacture and the distribution of digital content. Borealia also has its own Youtube channel, which it uploads its media on in the form of news updates.

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