1st Imperial Airbourne Regiment

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1st Imperial Airbourne Regiment
Active5 October 2013 - 14 November 2014
11 June 2023 - present
Country Empire of Adammia
BranchAdammic Army
Part of3rd Division
Motto(s)"It could be worse. You could be dead."
ColonelSir Ned Hilton DPM COA

The 1st Imperial Airbourne Regiment, formerly known as the Imperial Airbourne, is a unit of the Adammic Army in the Empire of Adammia. Originally created as the Imperial Airbourne in October 2013 under the command of Sergeant Pace Beardsley, it was nominally a paratrooper unit, but in practice it acted as a form of elite infantry. It worked closely with the 1st Paper Air Group, but it never saw action and was disbanded in November 2014 as part of large-scale military cuts. In June 2023 the unit was revived and renamed as the 1st Imperial Airbourne Regiment, being upgraded from a squad-level unit to a full regiment under the command of a commissioned officer, in order to recognise Deputy Prime Minister Sir Ned Hilton's successful parachute jump for charity. Hilton has been the commanding officer and sole member of the regiment since then.

Commanding officers

  • Sergeant Sir Pace Beardsley (5 October 2013 - 14 November 2014)
  • Colonel Sir Edward Hilton (11 June 2023 - present)

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