1st Division (Adammia)

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1st Division
Active 25 January 2014 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Branch Adammic Army
Size 5
Part of Military of Adammia
Headquarters N/A
Weapons Plastic sword / makeshift spear / Nerf gun
Engagements None
General Lord Crossland
Lord Col. Foster

Lord Col. Hall

The 1st Division (formerly the 1st Infantry Division) is the section of the Adammic Army responsible for defending North Adammia and the Empire's other interests around Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Since its inception it has been commanded by Lord General Sir Guy Crossland. It presently consists of the Western Regiment and the 1st Ranger Regiment.


It was created in January 2014 to help organise a surge in membership of the Adammic Army. It originally consisted of the Western Regiment and the 2nd Infantry Regiment. The 2nd Infantry Regiment was disbanded in November 2014, leaving the Division with only 3 members, but was reformed in January 2016 under a different commander. The 1st Ranger Regiment joined the division in June 2018, whilst the 2nd Infantry Regiment was transferred to the Army Reserves in January 2019, leaving the division in its current structure. It was renamed the 1st Division in January 2020, to reflect its increasing diversification away from solely infantry units.

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