Free State of Lenia

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Free State of Lenia
Statul Liber Lenia (ro)
Coat of arms
Official languagesRomanian
GovernmentPresidential republic with direct democracy
• Governor
Sorin C.
LegislatureCitizens' Assembly of Lenia
• Census
CurrencyRomanian leu
Juclandian pol

Lenia (formerly known as Cipimania), officially the Free State of Lenia, is an autonomous republic of the Kingdom of Juclandia and a former province of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands. It is bordered to the north, the east and the south by Romania and to the west by the Juclandian region of Grădinari. The state capital and largest city is Aquilonia.

Along with the Juclandian territory of Grădinari, Lenia forms the historical region of Cipimania, which was divided in the two new territories in 2012, amid a territorial and administrative reform. On 23 February 2014, Lenia seceded from Juclandia in order to become a province in its own right of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands. Before 2012, the Region of Cipimania was one of the two administrative regions of Juclandia. The region was completely surrounded by Romania and had no direct link with the other region, the region of Juclandia (which comprised present-day Juclandia apart from Lenia and Grădinari).

In December 2014, the Citizens' Assembly of Lenia proposed a reunification with Juclandia, provided that a clear legislative background for the different kinds of citizenship (human and non-human) would be adopted. As a result of the creation of two different kinds of Juclandian citizenship, one based on what is defined in the Federation as provincial (human or non-human) citizenship, and the other as federal (human) citizenship, Lenia voted to rejoin Juclandia in February 2015. Lenia officially became an autonomous republic of the Kingdom of Juclandia on 1 May 2015.

Government and politics

Lenia is governed as a republic, under a direct democratic system. The executive is made up of only one person, the Premier of Lenia, who is elected on an yearly basis by the Assembly of the Citizenry of Lenia, the legislative assembly of the province. Lenia has no judicial system, and under a treaty with Juclandia it can use the Kingdom's courts for its own trials. Lenia does not have a head of state.


Before the secession from Juclandia, Lenia and Nisipești were the only states of Juclandia that did not recognise plush toys as citizens, giving political rights only to human beings. Currently, Lenia is the only province of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands that has no provincial citizens, a legal term used for plush toys.

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