Imperial Socialist Party (Aarbaro)

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Imperial Socialist Party
ChairNicholas Kaos
Founded7 July 2017
NewspaperQuo Times
Membership (2017)3
Political positionCentre-left
SloganTogether, We Are Stronger
Aabaro Parliament
2 / 4

The Imperial Socialist Party is the largest political party in both Pacem and Aarbaro, with 2 members, and taking up 1/3 of the seats in the federal parliament, 1/2 the Cabinet, and makes up 2/3 of the Pacemian government.

Ideologies and Platform

The ISP strongly supports the mix of a socialist and capitalist system, where the government can support the economy with direct interference as per the needs of the people, while retaining a competitive and free market. The current ISP majority government has already passed acts such the Stock Act (2017), of which officiated currencies to be traded in Aarbaro, as well as officiating a stock exchange system to further promote the economy: the Kaos Stock Exchange.

The ISP also supports the promotion of all peoples, regardless of racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious orientation of having entirely equal rights. The ISP plans for no wage gap between two workers of the same career, to install laws ensuring that no one may be turned away from an occupation due to orientation, and to promote minorities to speak up and obtain the help they deserve. While the party is majority Christian, it strives for secularism among the nation. The party wants the nation to be more open to possible immigrants, and it is the belief that not supporting a state religion would help in that.