Republic of Larsonia

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Republic Of Larsonia

Nobiscrum Deus (Latin: God with us)
Not composed
Location of Larsonia.png
Official language(s)English (Official)
GovernmentDemocratic Presidential
- PresidentThomas Larson
LegislatureHouse of Representatives
EstablishedJanuary 29th, 2017
Area claimed3,410 square miles
Population~ 50 people
CurrencyLarsonian Dollar

The Republic of Larsonia was a micronation founded on January 29, 2017. It was located on Blue Canyon Rd in Thousand Oaks, California. Its president was Thomas Larson.


"Larsonia" comes from the name of the Larson family.


The Republic of Larsonia was founded on January 29, 2017 as a provisional government under Thomas Larson. The first election was held on February 4. The Thomas Party gained all positions (except Vice President) in the government.

Government and Politics

Larsonia was a democratic government with different positions. The President could propose laws to the Representatives. The Vice President would take power when the President is away (similar to the deputy prime minister). The Minister of Foreign Affairs dealt with foreign relations with other micronations. The Minister of the Armed Forces could declare war and command the Larsonian Armed Forces with approval from the Representatives. The Minister of the Bank is in charge of Larsonia's financial situation and printing the Larsonian Dollar. The Minister of the Colonies directly governs Larsonian territories that have the colony status

Foreign relations

Larsonia had no relations with micronations except with the Communitarian National Socialist Republic.


The Larsonian Armed Forces consisted of the Army and the Automobile Army. The last Minister of the Armed Forces was Franklin Larson. The current Capital General was Condor

Geography and Climate

The Capital Region and Pommterr Farm are located in the Pacific Time Zone


The current Minister of the Bank was Scott Larson. The Larsonian Dollar has not been printed before.


Larsonia has similar customs to the neighboring United States of America. Catholicism was the official religion and English was the official language