State of Larsonia

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State of Larsonia
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish and Italian (unofficial)
• Prince
Prince Thomas I
EstablishmentJune 28th, 2017
• Census
CurrencyPacemian Imperil
Time zonePacific Time Zone (PT)

The State of Larsonia is a state of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro. It was formed after Thomas Larson had the Commonwealth of Verticus join the Empire on June 28, 2017.



Holiday: Date of Celebration: Reason for Celebration: Next Celebration Date: Christian Holiday?
New Year's Day January 1 To celebrate the beginning of the New Year January 1, 2018 No
Republic Day January 29 To celebrate the founding of the Larsonian Republic January 29, 2018 No
Saint Patrick's Day March 17 To celebrate the famous Christian saint, Saint Patrick March 17, 2018 Yes
Peace Day March 22 To celebrate the end of the Orange-Larsonia War and the signing of the Treaty of Transistra March 22, 2018 No
Orangestown Day March 29 To celebrate the history and culture of the region known as Orangestown March 29, 2018 No
Easter April 16 To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as according to the Bible. April 16, 2018 Yes
Larsonia Day June 28 To celebrate the cession of Verticusian lands to the Federal Empire of Aarbaro June 28, 2018 No
Prince's Day July 21 To celebrate the birthday of the Larsonian Prince, Thomas I July 21, 2018 No
Michaelmas September 29 To celebrate Larsonia's patron saint, Michael the Archangel September 29, 2018 Yes
Topin Wagglegammon October 26 To celebrate the eccentricity of micronationalism as well as the influence of Aerican culture in Larsonia. October 26, 2017 No
All Hallows Eve October 31 To celebrate both Irish and Christian traditions. October 31, 2017 Yes
All Saints Day November 1 To celebrate the memory of all Christian saints and martyrs, known and unknown. November 1, 2017 Yes
Italian-Larsonian Days November 4–11 To celebrate the culture of Italian-Larsonians in Larsonia. November 4–11, 2017 No
Thanksgiving November 25–26 To celebrate the unity of families and becoming closer to God November 25–26, 2017 Yes
Christmas December 25 To celebrate the birth of Jesus as according to the Bible. December 25, 2017 Yes
New Years Eve December 31 To celebrate the final day of the year and the eventual beginning of a new one. December 31, 2017 No