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Flag of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Total population
13 worldwide
50% of the Aarbarian population
Regions with significant populations
 Federal Empire of Aarbaro 13
 Abeldane Empire 3 Shared citizenship from Aarbaro
 Earth Federal Republic 2 Shared citizenship from Aarbaro

English, Flaré, Esperanto


Christianity, Neo-Paganism, Atheism, Agnosticism

Related ethnic groups

Irish people, Italian people, Italian-Larsonians

Aarbarians are a mix of numerous Indo-European ethnic groups including Celts, Germanic peoples, and Italic peoples primarily, who are indigenous to the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, its federal states, and the general Anglo-American and Western European regions. All Aarbarians natively speak English, while some can speak Flaré or Esperanto as second languages. Rarely referred to asa true ethnicity, but more as a nationality that attempts to link the citizens of the Empire to be tied to the nation more than simply stating the citizenship they possess.