Earth Federal Republic

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Earth federal Republic
Motto: Together we progress
Official languagesNone (English is a vehicular language. Esperanto is recognised, but not official)
Establishment3 June 2017
• Census
Time zoneUTC (used in nation-wide announcements)

The Earth Federal Republic (EFR), also known as Earth Republic, is an internet-based micronation founded on 3 June 2017 by Ondo Alvellë. The Earth Republic does not claim any territory, and it doesn't claim sovereignty over any other nation.

The Republic is organised as a direct democracy. It currently has a Temporary Government until elections are held.


The Earth Federal Republic was founded on 3 June 2017 as a democratic federal republic. Shortly after its creation, 6 June, a Citizenship Certificate was issued for the first time.

Since the 8th of June 2017, the Temporary President handles absolute power in order to develop the nation more freely.[1]

The 19th of June 2017 a decree was a approved to establish the Earth Flag as the official flag of the Republic, as well as the logo.[2]

The 17th of July 2017, the Constitution was approved and the 5th of August the first General Assembly was celebrated.[3]


The Earth Republic is currently governed under a temporary government which follows the Constitution, lead by Ondo Alvellë. The National Government has two Ministries: Culture and National Representation, which handles Immigration, Communication and Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Culture is Nicholas Kaos, the rest of Minister of National Representation and President is Ondo Alvellë.

Foreign relations

The Earth Republic can establish three types of relations with other nations:

  • Unilateral recognition: the Earth Republic may recognise any other nation without the other nation recognising us.
  • Bilateral recognition: the Earth Republic and another nation recognise each other.
  • Mutual assistance: the Earth Republic and another nation agree to help each other in their development.

For the moment, no nations have relations with the EFR.

Unilateral recognition

This is a list of nations that have been unilaterally recognised by the Earth Republic:

Bilateral recognition

These countries have signed a treaty of bilateral recognition with the Earth Republic:


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