Larsonian presidential election, 2017

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The 2017 Larsonian Election was the first election in the Republic of Larsonia. It occurred on February 4, 2017. It elected Thomas Larson to President and numerous members of the Thomas Party.


The Republic of Larsonia was originally formed on January 29, 2017. Thomas Larson implemented a provisional government.


The two candidates for President where Thomas Larson and Matthew Larson. By February 3, two parties had formed, the Thomas Party and Matthew Party. After the votes were counted up it was determined that Thomas Party had gained all the positions (except for Vice President).

List of Positions and Candidates

{{ President-Thomas and Matthew Larson Vice President-Pearson and Samuel "Spike" Larson Minister of Foreign Affairs-Theodore Larson and "Starscream" Minister of the Armed Forces-Franklin and Oliver Larson Minister of the Bank-Scott Larson Colonial Minister-Pearson Larson Capital General-Condor and Galvatron Larson