July 2020 Abeldane executive election

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Abeldane executive election, July 2020

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  Stumperth bubblehead.png Renwick NRGU bubblehead.png
Nominee Connor Stumperth Patrick Renwick
Party Pirate League (Abelden) National Royalists (Abelden)
Running mate Brandon Wu Newton von Uberquie

Vorsitzender before election


Vorsitzender after election

Patrick Renwick (appointed)
National Royalists

The July 2020 executive election, officially to have been known as the 22nd executive election of the Abeldane Empire was an election scheduled to be held from 11-12 July 2020 following the resignation of Patrick Renwick in response to the results of the June 2020 federal election. Both a Vorsitzender and a Stellvertreter were supposed to be selected in this election, before its cancellation in the aftermath of the Concordiagate scandal.


Following the June 2020 federal election, which saw the Abeldane National Union drop 44.2 p.p. and five seats in the Reichsversammlung from the prior election, the incumbent Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick resigned with immediate effect.[1] His resignation stated that support for his party had "evaporated and gone with the wind".[2] The position of Stellvertreter was vacant as well due to the unexpected and untimely death of Nicholas Randouler. This marked the first time in Abeldane history in which there was a simultaneous vacancy in the Vorsitzendership as well as for the Stellvertreter.

Emperor Nicholas dropped the writ of election on 30 June 2020 and stated that campaigning would be held from 3-10 July and voting would be held from 11-12 July.



The Alliance Executive called a session of the Alliance Congress, the decision-making legislative body of the alliance, to decide on the candidates to be put forward in the election. Connor Stumperth was nominated for Vorsitzender unopposed after James Frisch stood down prior to the vote. A vote was then held between four candidates to decide on the Stellvertreter nominee. There were three candidates from Pirate League: Chase Nanatovich, Austin Jaax, and Keenan Clough. Brandon Wu was the only candidate from Liberty Front and was ultimately elected as the nominee by this vote, which was counted using the Condorcet method.[3]

The Concordia Alliance Congress ratified an electoral manifesto, named "Stumperth & Wu: the people's choice / Blueprint for a Concordia government", on 9 July 2020.[4] The Blueprint establishes the alliance's platform, which includes proposals on the democratization of Abelden and its elected institutions, such as the introduction of a popular initiative system and the opening of Reichsversammlung sessions for all Abeldane citizens. It also proposes the creation of an upper house of the Reichsversammlung to equally represent all states of Abelden.

Concordia logo.png
July 2020 Concordia Alliance ticket
Connor Stumperth Brandon Wu
for Vorsitzender for Stellvertreter
Stumperth 2020.jpg
Wu 2020.png

National Royalists

Formed by a merger of the Party of Royalists and Greens and the Abeldane National Union on 5 July 2020, the new party announced that they will be running Patrick Renwick for Vorsitzender and Newton von Uberquie for Stellvertreter.[5] This came just one day after PRG, prior to their merge, publicly stated that they would not be running any candidates in this election.[3] Patrick Renwick, the former Vorsitzender and prolific member of many former governments, will be running to form a 7th Renwick ministry. Newton von Uberquie will be running to become Stellvertreter for the first time.

NRGU Logo.png
July 2020 National Royalist ticket
Patrick Renwick Newton von Uberquie
for Vorsitzender for Stellvertreter
P Renwick2.jpg

Other declared candidates

Henry Clémens, a former Vorsitzender with the Independence Party of Abelden and, most recently, an interim member of the Sixth Renwick ministry, announced on 4 July 2020 that he would be running for Vorsitzender. Clémens was initially denied placement on the ballot as he doesn't meet the constitutional requirements, due to not being a member of the Reichsversammlung. Clémens has threatened to sue the electoral commission if he is not placed on the ballot before the election, seeking to delay electoral proceedings.

Clémens has stated that he will be running a pro-centralization campaign, advocating for a "tighter union," and has stated support for the Vorsitzendership to be fully separate from the Reichsversammlung, among other similar reforms. He considers himself "reformist" and "unionist." He also advocates for a write-in option to be added to future executive elections.

Clémens has called on the other declared candidates, Connor Stumperth and Patrick Renwick, to join him in a moderated debate before the election.

As of 7 July, Henry Clémens has not been added to the nationwide ballot.


Henry Clémens
for Vorsitzender
16th Vorsitzender of Abelden
Clemens vorsit.png



Party Candidate Results
1st pref %
Pirate League (Concordia) Connor Stumperth
National Royalists Patrick Renwick
Invalid/blank votes
Total 100.00
Registered voters/turnout
Source: [Reichswahlkommission Official Statement]


Party Candidate Results
1st pref %
Liberty Front (Concordia) Brandon Wu
National Royalists Newton von Uberquie
Invalid/blank votes
Total 100.00
Registered voters/turnout
Source: [Reichswahlkommission Official Statement]

Government formation

Opinion polls


Pollster Conducted Sample Stumperth
Other Lead
10 July 2020 Concordiagate: Election cancelled
Quo Times[6] 8 July 2020 8 100.0% 0.0% - 100.0%


Pollster Conducted Sample Wu
von Uberquie
Other Lead
10 July 2020 Concordiagate: Election cancelled
Quo Times[6] 8 July 2020 8 100.0% 0.0% - 100.0%


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