Abeldane general election, July 2015

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Abeldane general election, July 2015

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Turnout65% (35%)
Candidate Damian Billbrough Paweł Sadowski
Party Conservative (Abelden) Bosmanish Minority Party
Popular vote 7 5
Percentage 53.85% 38.46%

Vorsitzender before election

Rachel Kioya

Vorsitzender after election

Damian Billbrough
Conservative Party of Abelden

The 3rd Abeldane general election was held on 10 July 2015, which saw the positions of Vorsitzender, Stellvertreter and cabinet positions elected. The election was called by Emperor Stephen on 2 July 2015.

The election saw seven nominees to the Vorsitzendership election and resulted Damian Billbrough being elected as Vorsitzender, with 53.9% of the vote, and Llewelyn Lawton being elected as Stellvertreter, with 50% of the vote. This was the first election to be conducted using an online polling system as previous elections used an open-poll system where votes could be easily changed. This was the last election where cabinet positions were elected and afterwards only the Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter remained the only electable positions in the Empire.