Abeldane general election, July 2015

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Abeldane general election, July 2015
Abeldane flag.jpg
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  DBillbrough.jpg Paweł.png
Candidate Damian Billbrough Paweł Sadowski
Party Conservative Bosmanish
Popular vote 7 5
Percentage 53.85% 38.46%

Vorsitzender before election

Rachel Kioya

Vorsitzender after election

Damian Billbrough

The 3rd General Elections was an election in the Abeldane Empire in which Damian Billbrough was elected as Vorsitzender for a one-year term following the enacted law of the Vorsitzender having a full year term. Damian Billbrough left the position after being in the position for 4 weeks and left Abelden at the same time. Llewelyn Lawton replaced Billbrough as Vorsitzender on the 10 August 2015. The candidates for the elections were mostly from the New Democratic Party out of the 7 nominees. Emperor Stephen called an election on the 3 July 2015 and elections commenced from the 15 until the 16 July 2015. Out of the 7 nominees, only 3 had votes, with Damian Billbrough receiving the highest votes. This election was unique because it used an online voting system and a group of people also voted for this election once only.