Second Renwick ministry

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Second Renwick Ministry
23rd ministry of Abelden

Date formed 4 April 2017
People and organizations
Head of government Patrick Renwick
Head of state Stephen I & II
No. of ministers 11
Member party Democratic Liberty
Democratic Voice
Status in legislature Supermajority (Grand coalition)
Opposition party Edge
Opposition leader Damian Billbrough
Election(s) 2017 II
Legislature term(s) 5th Reichsversammlung
Previous Brazeau
Successor Renwick III

Patrick Renwick, who formed the Second Renwick Ministry was elected as Vorsitzender on 4 April 2017 following an election in the Reichsversammlung on which the popular vote caused a 4 way tie and the tie was resolved in the Reichsversammlung with Renwick and McCracken being the final candidates. Renwick won with 15-14 against McCracken. Avro Keatings was elected as Stellvertreter after receiving 36% of the votes.

It was preceded by the Brazeau ministry, formed by his predecessor Michael Thomas Brazeau, and succeeded by Third Renwick Ministry, formed by Renwick himself following his reelection.


Position Name Party Took office Term end
Vorsitzender HG Patrick Renwick, Marquis of Bessatre Democratic-Liberty 4 April 2017 Incumbent
Stellvertreter des Vorsitzender HG Avro Keatings, Baron Keatings Independence 4 April 2017
Chancellor of the Treasury HG Horatio Eden, Duke of Brandburg Independence 27 February 2017
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs HG Patrick Renwick, Marquis of Bessatre Democratic-Liberty 28 April 2017
Minister of Defense Shady Morsi Democratic Voice 5 April 2017
Minister of Ethnical Affairs Karl Friedrich Democratic-Liberty 27 February 2017
Minister of Media and Public Affairs HI&REM Emperor Stephen Independence 17 July 2015
Minister of Education and Culture HG Will McCracken, Earl of Hausenstadt Independence 27 February 2017
Minister of Interior and Security HM Ava Neasa, Earl of New Doubla Democratic-Liberty 10 April 2017
Attorney General HG Mikael Bokmann, Duke of Dolonia Independence 27 February 2017
Generalmememarschall HG John Gordon, Marquis of New Kent Independence 10 April 2017 29 April 2017