Second Freayth ministry

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Second Freayth ministry
32nd ministry of Abelden

Date formed 2 October 2018
Date dissolved 7 January 2019
People and organizations
Head of government Stephen Freayth
Head of state Newton
No. of ministers 7
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 8
Member party Die Rechte
Liberty Union
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party Social Ecology
Opposition leader Ava Neasa
Election(s) 2018 III
Outgoing election 2018 II
Legislature term(s) 9th Reichsversammlung
Previous Freayth I
Successor Kârjasary

The second Freayth ministry, formally the Thirty-second ministry, was formed on 2 October 2018 after Stephen Freayth, from Die Rechte, won the September 2018 federal election for Vorsitzender and was appointed by Emperor Newton on the same day along with most of his cabinet members.

This marks the first ministry formed after the enactment of the 2018 constitution and changes to the composition of the ministries since July 2017. Die Rechte won for the second time a majority in the Reichsversammlung and was expected to form another lone Die Rechte cabinet but ultimately decided to form a government along with Liberty Union following Edward Daniels's victory as Stellvertreter.

The 32nd ministry was dissolved on 7 January 2019, when Tarik Kârjasary and his ministry took office after winning the December 2018 federal election.


Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 32nd Reichsregierungskabinett
Monarch Newton 16 June 2018 Reigning N/A
Vorsitzender Stephen Freayth
Duke of Claret
27 June 2018 7 January 2019 R
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 2 October 2018
Stellvertreter des Vorsitzenden Edward Daniels
Baron Daniels
2 October 2018 7 January 2019 LU
Minister of the Cabinet Office
Chancellor of the Treasury Nicholas Kaos
Duke of Manchester
31 August 2018 Incumbent R
Attorney General Alexander von Habsburg
Baron von Habs.-Loth.-Abr.
27 June 2018 6 October 2018 R
Horatio Eden
Duke of Brandburg
6 October 2018 7 January 2019 LU
Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs Ashley Jaax MR 2 October 2018 7 January 2019 LU
Minister of Culture and Media Max Pollack
Earl of Krastisch
27 June 2018 1 April 2019 R
Minister of Commerce Anthony Clark
Earl of Amerston
2 October 2018 7 January 2019 R