Ministry of Commerce (Abelden)

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Ministry of Commerce
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Ministry overview
Formed2 October 2018
Minister responsible
  • Vacant, Commerce Minister
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The Ministry of Commerce was a ministerial department in the Reichsregierungskabinett (cabinet) of Abelden, responsible for checking all grammatical errors and the creation of all wordings in official government documents. In addition, the ministry was also responsible for maintaining the Empire's internet presence factual and up to date.

Some of the responsibilities the ministry took included managing all information regarding the Empire and the Commonwealth in internet spaces, including the various wiki sites on which the Empire relies for up-to-date information, managing and correcting all grammatical and syntax mistakes on legislation, decrees and other forms of written documents produced in the Empire, and formulating wording for treaties, legislation, decrees, and other forms of written documents in both the Empire and in federal states.

The ministry was established following a major reorganisation of the Reichsregierungskabinett and is one of the permanent ministries established under the Government Ministries and Offices Act on 19 July 2017, under the 25th ministry, headed by Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick. It was formed through the elevation of the Department of Orthography, which was under the Ministry of Media and Public Affairs, to cabinet level. The ministry was briefly reincorpotated into the Ministry of Media (later itself merged with the culture portfolio into the Ministry of Culture and Media) in the 31st ministry, only to be reinstated as a full cabinet-level portfolio in the 33rd ministry. In 2020, the ministry was merged into the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Commerce.

List of responsible ministers

Name Image Term of office Party Ministry
Anthony Clark AnthonyClark.png 2 October 2018 7 January 2019 Die Rechte Freayth II
97 days
Nicholas Randouler NRandouler1.png 7 January 2019 25 January 2020 Populares Kârjasary
Daniels I
1 year, 18 days Daniels II
Position vacant from 25 January 2020.
Ministry merged with Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Commerce