Ministry of Culture and Media (Abelden)

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Ministry of Culture and Media
Ministry of Culture and Media logo.png
Agency overview
Formed2 October 2018
Preceding agencies
Dissolved28 July 2018
Superseding agency
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Culture and Media was a governmental administration office in the Abeldane Empire concerned with various aspects of Abeldane culture. It was responsible for the oversight, cultivation and promotion of Abeldane culture, as well as administration and promotion of media outlets in the Empire.

The Ministry was formed as a merger between the previously existing Ministry of Culture (originally founded as the Ministry of Education and Culture), and the Ministry of Media. The merger took place in the 32nd ministry, formed by Stephen Freayth on 2 October 2018, its only two ministers were Max Pollack and Connor Stumperth.

The ministry was dissolved on 28 June 2019 and divided into the Ministry of Culture, header by the Generalmememarschall and the Ministry of Media.

List of responsible ministers

Name Image Term of office Party Ministry
Max Pollack MaxJupiter.jpg 2 October 2018 1 April 2019 Die Rechte Freayth II
181 days Kârjasary
Connor Stumperth Stumperth 2020.jpg 1 April 2019 28 July 2019 Liberty Front Daniels
118 days