Abeldane by-election, April 2020

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Abeldane federal by-election, April 2020

← December 2019
25 - 27 April 2020 June 2020

5th seat in the Reichsversammlung
  First party Second party
Leader Karl Friedrich Chase Nanatovich
Party Party of Royalists and Cooperatism ASE
Popular vote 11 (1st count)
18 (Final count)
9 (1st count)
14 (Final count)
Percentage 34.4% (1st count)
56.3% (Final count)
28.1% (1st count)
43.8% (Final count)

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Brandon Wu Max Pollack
Party Liberty Front Populares
Popular vote 7 (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
5 (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
Percentage 21.9% (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
15.6% (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)

Member before election

Horatio Eden

Elected member

Karl Friedrich

A by-election to the 5th seat in the Reichsversammlung was held in the Abeldane Empire between the 25th and 27th of April 2020, called by the Emperor, HI&REM Newton, to fill the vacant seat left y the resignation of Horatio Eden. It was the second by-election to use the single transferable voting system after its adoption by the Emperor.

It resulted in Karl Friedrich of the Party of Royalists and Cooperatism winning the seat with 56,3% of the vote on the third count.




Social Ecology


Liberty Front


Party Candidate Results
1st pref 2nd count 3rd count
Royalists Karl Friedrich 11 34.4% 16 50% 18 56.2%
Abeldane Social Ecology Chase Nanatovich 9 28.1% 9 28.1% 14 43.8%
Liberty Front Brandon Wu 7 21.9% 7 21.9% N/A
Populares Max Pollack 5 15.6% N/A
Invalid/blank votes 0
Total 32 100
Registered voters/turnout 36 88.9%