Provisional ministry (Abelden)

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Provisional ministry
37th ministry of Abelden

Date formed 10 July 2020
Date dissolved 7 August 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Patrick Renwick
Head of state Nicholas
No. of ministers 5
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party National Royalists
Status in legislature N/A
Opposition party None
Opposition leader None
Election(s) None
Outgoing election 2020 II (executive)
Legislature term(s) None
Previous Renwick VI
Successor Renwick VII

The Provisional ministry, officially known as the Thirty-seventh ministry was formed on 10 July 2020, in the aftermath of the Concordiagate scandal in the Abeldane Empire. This Reichsregierungskabinett was independent of the Reichsversammlung, as the legislature was dissolved.

It was preceded by an 11 day period of no government, and before that the Sixth Renwick cabinet (the 36th ministry), formed by Patrick Renwick after being elected as Vorsitzender. It was succeeded by the Seventh Renwick ministry, after Renwick won re-election.


Following the June 2020 legislative elections, Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick of the Abeldane National Union resigned, after his party lost 5 of its 6 seats in the Reichsversammlung.

Due to Stellvertreter Nicholas Randouler having passed away on 3 June, Renwick had no successor and as such the Empire was left without a government. A snap executive election Was scheduled to elect a new Vorsitzender.

A day before the election was due to take place, a deep rooted conspiracy involving Stephen Freayth, Emperor Nicholas and much of the leadership of the Concordia Alliance came to light. The resulting crisis, known as Concordiagate, nearly caused the collapse of the Empire. As a result, the snap executive election was cancelled and the 13th Reichsversammlung dissolved, only 9 days after having been opened.

Following these events Emperor Nicholas Formed a new provisional ministry to lead the Empire until a new Reichsversammlung could be elected, constitutional changes enacted, and a new executive election held. Prominent members of the National Royalists, against whom the conspiracy had been directed, were appointed to government posts, with Patrick Renwick returning to the Vorsitzendership. James Frisch, independent MR formerly of the Liberty Front and Chairman of the Concordia Alliance but whom had been unaware of the conspiracy, was made Stellvertreter.


Overall composition

Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 37th Reichsregierungskabinett
Monarch Nicholas 29 May 2020 Reigning N/A
Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick
Marquis of Bessatre
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Stellvertreter des Vorsitzenden
Minister of State and Kabinett Affairs
James Frisch
Count of Dublaith
10 July 2020 7 August 2020 Ind.
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Nicholas 10 July 2020 7 August 2020 N/A
Chancellor of the Treasury Nicholas 31 August 2018 Incumbent N/A
Minister of Media and Orthography Patrick Renwick
Marquis of Bessatre
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Attorney General Anthony Clark
Earl of Amerston
10 July 2020 7 August 2020 NRGU
Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs Newton von Uberquie
Prince of Lenny
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Generalmememarschall Vacant 3 June 2020 7 August 202 N/A
Also attending cabinet meetings
Deputy Attorney General Nicolás Millán 23 June 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Imperial Press Secretary Connor Stumperth
Marquis of Lawlingport
23 June 2020 Incumbent C