Abeldane by-election, March 2018

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Abeldane federal by-election, March 2018

← December 2017
15 March 2018 April 2018
  First party Second party
Leader Silvia Paysais Edward de Caville
Party Abeldane Liberal Alliance National Federalist Party (Abelden)
Percentage 73.5% 26.5%

Member before election

Shiro Mephistopheles
United Rhinoceros

Elected member

Silvia Paysais
Liberal Alliance

A by-election to the Reichsversammlung was held in the Abeldane Empire on 15 March 2018, called by the Emperor, HI&REM Stephen I & II, to replace the vacancy left by the resignation of Shiro Mephistopheles.

It resulted in Silvia Paysais of the Abeldane Liberal Alliance winning the seat with 73.5% of the vote, against Edward de Caville of the National Federalist Party, who received 26.5%.



Liberal Alliance

National Federalist


Candidates Party %*
Silvia Paysais ALA 73.5%
Edward de Caville NFP 26.5%