Abeldane general election, October 2016

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October 2016 Abeldane general elections
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All 34 seats in the Reichsversammlung
17 needed for a majority
Turnout 95%

  First party Second party
  11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
Leader Horatio Eden, Duke of Brandburg Patrick Renwick, Marquis of Bessatre
Party Conservative Democratic-Liberty
Leader since September 2016 N/A
Seats won 13 12
Seat change 3 2
Popular vote 29 12
Percentage 69.3% 31.7%

Vorsitzender before election

Patrick Renwick

Vorsitzender after election

Horatio Eden

The 8th General Elections was an election in the Abeldane Empire in which Horatio Eden was elected as Vorsitzender and [[Grant Hawkins as Stellvertreter. Eden received majority of the votes, with 70.7% of the votes, and will be serving a one year term. Patrick Renwick became the Leader of the Opposition and the Democratic-Liberty Party became the official opposition party in the Reichsversammlung.

This was the first elections of the 4th Reichsversammlung after it was established by the Emperor, following the dissolution of the 3rd Reichsversammlung. It was also the second time a close election result happened in the Empire, the first being the 7th General Elections with the elections for Vorsitzender. Elections for Stellvertreter was a one vote difference between Mike Lewis and Grant Hawkins.