Abeldane general election, February 2015

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March 2015 Abeldane general elections

Abeldane flag.jpg
January 2015 ←
22 February 2015
→ July 2015

All 15 seats in the Reichsversammlung
10 needed for a majority
Turnout 100%
  First party Second party Third party
  AJaniszewski.jpg Paweł.png No-profile2.jpg
Leader Andrew Janiszewski Paweł Sadowski HM Michael I
Party New Democratic Bosmanish Minority Party Grand Old Party of Abelden
Leader since 2014 2015 2015
Seats won 3 2 1
Seat change 2 0 0
Popular vote 6 4 1
Percentage 54% 34% 8%

Fourth party
  GCOA AbelCom.png
Leader Harry, Duke of Johnstown
Party Abeldane Democratic Union

Leader since 2015
Seats won 1
Seat change 0
Popular vote 1
Percentage 8%

Vorsitzender before election

Andrew Janiszewski
New Democratic

Vorsitzender after election

Andrew Janiszewski
New Democratic

The 2nd General Elections was an election in which Andrew Janiszewski was re-elected as Vorsitzender for a six month term. The elections were announced by Emperor Stephen on the 15 February 2015, a month prior to the first general elections. The 2nd general elections caused a crisis in Abelden, lasting from the 28 February until the 6 March 2015. HM Michael I was elected as Deputy Prime Minister and not a day before he was announced as winner, the newly elected Vorsitzender Andrew Janiszewski started a boycott on removing HM Michael Brazeau I from his office.


The crisis started after Michael Thomas Brazeau was elected as Stellvertreter and an opposition was done by the newly elected Andrew Janiszewski to remove him from his office after a post Brazeau posted. Emperor Stephen then replaced Janiszewski with Pawel Sadowski on the 4 March 2015 on the reasoning that Pawel may become an experienced member of the government. Damian Billbrough resigned all of his offices and left Abelden. Many citizens followed and left. Vaughan Smith replaced Pawel Sadowski after Billbrough resigned all of his offices and left. Smith was Vorsitzender for a day only when Emperor Stephen decided on abolishing the office until he was able to gain confidence of the people on reinstating it back. Emperor Stephen used all of his reserved powers in this matter and saw the powers on which no one can do other than the monarch. Donald, the Duke of Pleston was appointed as Vorsitzender after the crisis and Emperor Stephen would abdicate until he returned on the 26 March.