Abeldane federal election, April 2018

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April 2018 Abeldane federal election

← 2017 V 6–7 April 2018 (Legislative)
9-10 April 2018 (Executive)
2018 II →

16 of 18 seats in the Reichsversammlung
10 seats needed for a majority
Turnout96% ( 16.7%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Horatio Eden Alejandro Whyatt Ava Neasa[N 1]
Party Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front National Federalist Party (Abelden) SEPA
Leader since April 2018 December 2017 August 2017
Last election New party 3, 17.39% 4, 23.9%
Seats before 8 4 3 + 1
Seats won 8 5 3
Seat change Steady 1 1
Popular vote 22 16 9
Percentage 47.9% 33.3% 18.8%
Swing 7.9 pp[N 2] 15.9 pp 5.1 pp

Vorsitzender before election

Patrick Renwick
Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front

Vorsitzender after election

Alejandro Whyatt
National Federalist Party (Abelden)

The Abeldane federal election, April 2018 will take place between 6 and 10 April 2018. It will be the 15th general election since the founding of the Empire, and the third legislative election since they were reintroduced in 2017.


The previous election, in December 2017, saw the election of Shiro Mephistopheles of the United Rhinoceros Party as Vorsitzender, and the installment of many URP members in the Cabinet. However, the Reichsversammlung was split approximately evenly between the four existent parties.

Between the December 2017 and April 2018 elections, Hugh McFarlane founded the Abeldane Liberal Alliance, and managed to acquire two seats for his party through by-elections.

On 2 April 2018, Horatio Eden, leader of the United Rhinoceros Party, announced the formation of the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front, a merger of the United Rhinoceros Party, Abeldane Liberal Alliance, and National Independence Party. This merger created a large centrist coalition with eight seats in the Reichsversammlung.

Electoral System

The April 2018 election will use a party list system with closed lists. This will be the second election in which such a system has been used.

Campaign and Candidates

Liberal National Alliance

The campaign for the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance began on 2 April 2018, when the party published a brief statement announcing the formation of the party and the main goals of the party. At the same time, it was announced that Horatio Eden would be the party's candidate for Vorsitzender, and Hugh McFarlane for Stellvertreter. The following day, the party published its list of candidates for the Reichsversammlung. On April 5, shortly before legislative elections began, the ALNA published its first manifesto, outlining its main policy goals.

National Federalist

Alejandro Whyatt of the National Federalist Party announced his intention to run for Vorsitzender a second time on April 2, 2018. The same day, an interview with him was published in Al Occitania, in which he outlined several of his main goals. On April 5, less than three hours before the legislative election began, the National Federalist Party published a concise manifesto in the form of a poster.

Social Ecology

Abeldane Social Ecology was the first party to announce candidates for executive positions; Ava Neasa will be running for Vorsitzender and David Ross for Stellvertreter.


Legislative elections were held on 6 April 2018 and allowed 16 seats of the Reichsversammlung to be elected using closed party-list proportional system with a nationwide list. The Reichsversammlung (Composition) Act 2018 amended the seats of the Reichsversammlung and returned back the appointed seat reserved by appointment of the Monarch and another appointed seat solely for the Ervecysarich. As of now, the appointed seat remains vacant until an appointment is made by the Emperor.

Michael Thomas Brazeau, an NFP candidate for the Reichsversammlung, refused to acknowledge the election results and concede defeat. The Reichswahlkommission, the Abeldane electoral commission, has yet to comment on either Brazeau's decision or any implicit recount request.

8 5 3 2
Party Votes % Swing Seats +/–
  Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front 23 47.92 +36.70 8 3
  National Federalist Party 16 33.33 +17.50 5 3
  Abeldane Social Ecology – The Green Labour Party 9 18.75 -6.30 3 2
  Independent N/A N/A N/A 2 2
Total 48 100.00 18 2
Invalid/blank votes 0 N/A
Registered voters/Turnout 50 96.00 -10.87 N/A
Source: [Reichswahlkommission Official Report]
Popular Vote
Liberal National Alliance
National Federalist
Social Ecology
Reichsversammlung seats (electable)
Liberal National Alliance
National Federalist
Social Ecology
Reichsversammlung seats (all)
Liberal National Alliance
National Federalist
Social Ecology

Elected members

Previous MP Party Elected MP Party State Took office Seat #
Max Pollack Liberal National Max Pollack Liberal National Alexander 20 August 2017 1
Alex White Liberal National Louis Bartlett National Federalist Satirno 7 April 2018 2
Patrick Renwick Liberal National Patrick Renwick Liberal National Demirelia 20 August 2017 3
Brandon Wu Liberal National Brandon Wu Liberal National St. Castle 20 August 2017 4
Damian Billbrough National Federalist Edward de Caville National Federalist Satirno 7 April 2018 5
Horatio Eden Liberal National Horatio Eden Liberal National Satirno 20 August 2017 6
Vacant N/A Anthony Clark Liberal National Satirno 7 April 2018 7
John Smith Liberal National John Smith Liberal National Alexander 15 March 2018 8
Ava Neasa Social Ecology Ava Neasa Social Ecology St. Castle 20 August 2017 9
Tarik Kârjasary Social Ecology Tarik Kârjasary Social Ecology Rai 20 August 2017 10
David Ross Social Ecology David Ross Social Ecology Foesterlingen 20 August 2017 11
Hugh McFarlane Liberal National Hugh McFarlane Liberal National Foesterlingen 8 March 2018 12
Silvia Paysais Liberal National Silvia Paysais Liberal National Sinoland 15 March 2018 13
Alejandro Whyatt National Federalist Alejandro Whyatt National Federalist Satirno 16 December 2017 14
Alexander von Hapsburg National Federalist Alexander von Hapsburg National Federalist Alexander 29 December 2017 15
Nikola Jovanovic National Federalist Andrew Irons National Federalist Alenshka 7 April 2018 16
Vacant N/A Vacant N/A N/A 6 April 2018 17
Newton von Uberquie Independent Newton von Uberquie Independent Alenshka 20 August 2017 18



Abeldane executive election, April 2018

← December 2017 6–7 April 2018 June 2018 →
Nominee Alejandro Whyatt Horatio Eden Ava Neasa
Party National Federalist Party (Abelden) Abeldane Liberal National Alliance ASE
Running mate None Hugh McFarlane David Ross
Popular vote 19 (1st count)
25 (2nd count)
20 (1st count)
41.67% (2nd count)
9 (1st count)
N/A (2nd count)
Percentage 39.58% (1st count)
52.08% (2nd count)
41.67% (1st count)
47.92% (2nd count)
18.75% (1st count)
N/A (2nd count)

Vorsitzender before election

Patrick Renwick
Abeldane Liberal National Alliance

Vorsitzender after election

Alejandro Whyatt
National Federalist Party (Abelden)

Voting for Vorsitzender was open on 6 and 7 April, and saw 96% turnout. The election was held using instant runoff voting. Initially, results were released that showed Eden and Whyatt tied after the second preferences of Neasa's voters were tallied. However, due to an error in the counting method, these results were quickly redacted by the Reichswahlkomm. The final results were released about an hour later, which returned a victory for Whyatt.

Horatio Eden filed an injunction to the Supreme Court for a recount. The injunction was lifted after a recount by Grand Prince Newton returned the same result as the official release.

Party Candidate Results
1st pref 2nd count
National Federalist Alejandro Whyatt 19 39.58 25 52.08
Liberal National Alliance Horatio Eden 20 41.67 23 47.92
Social Ecology Ava Neasa 9 18.75 N/A
Invalid/blank votes 0 0
Total 48 100.00
Registered voters/turnout 50 96.00


The Stellvertreter election was held concurrently with the election for Vorsitzender, and the same method was used. The results for the Stellvertreter also showed a tie between the two candidates; however, unlike the Vorsitzender results, they were not redacted. As in the April 2017 election, the tie is expected to be broken by a vote of the Reichsversammlung


  1. Decision-making in the ASE is based on direct democracy; Ava Neasa holds the position of Representative within the party.
  2. The percentage points shown are the combined percentage the predecessors of the parties managed to garner on the previous election.