United Rhinoceros Party of Abelden

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United Rhinoceros Party of Abelden
LeaderThomas Merrell
Horatio Eden
Deputy Leadervacant
FoundedDecember 1, 2017
Membership  (2017)7
Cabinet positions
4 / 10
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
5 / 17

The United Rhinoceros Party is an Abeldane political party founded on the 1st of December, 2017 by Horatio Eden and Vorsitzender Thomas Merrell, following a merger of the Rhinoceros and Federalist parties of Abelden. The party holds a pragmatic view of political issues; while its leadership have been quoted as referring to the party as conservative and broadly right-wing, its policies largely do not fit within the left-right political spectrum.


Following the resignations of Michael Thomas Brazeau and James Frisch in 2017, and in that order, as leader of the Federalist Party of Abelden, Thomas Merrell took on the leadership of the party, taking over James Frisch's appointed seat in the Reichsversammlung in his absence. The Federalist Party originally nominated Mr. Merrell for the Vorsitzendership in the December federal election with the endorsement of the Rhinoceros Party following Eden's refusal to nominate himself as he had done in the previous cycle.

The Rhinoceros Party nominated deputy Rhinoceros leader, Max Pollack for the position of Stellvertreter with endorsement from the Federalist Party. This mutual endorsement eventually led to negotiations between the parties regarding a potential merger, and on the 1st of December, 2017, these negotiations came to a conclusion, with Thomas Merrell and Horatio Eden being appointed co-leaders of a new United Rhinoceros Party. The unified party ultimately nominated Thomas Merrell for Vorsitzender and Max Pollack for Stellvertreter for the December federal election.


The URP currently holds five seats in the Reichsversammlung, making it the senior party in government.

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref) 2nd pref votes % (2nd pref) Result
2017 V Thomas Merrell   22 40% 29 52.72% Victory


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref) Result
2017 V Max Pollack   9 19.56% Defeat