Ministry of Media and Orthography (Abelden)

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Ministry of Media and Orthography
Agency overview
Formed10 January 2015 (as Ministry of Media and Public Affairs)
19 July 2017 (as Ministry of Media and Governmental Communications)
2 October 2018 (as Ministry of Culture and Media)
July 2019 (as Ministry of Media)
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Media and Orthography is a governmental administration office in the Abeldane Empire responsible for governmental communications and oversight of the media within the Empire. Its primary purpose is to ensure the continued release of information of governmental work to the public and recording events and affairs.

The ministry was formed on 15 January 2015 as the Ministry of Media and Public Affairs. It remains as one of the existing original ministerial departments from 2015, alongside the Finance and Culture ministries. Although, the ministry was merged with the Ministry of Culture in 2018 and became a separate ministry again in 2019.

List of responsible ministers

Name Image Term of office Party Ministry
Minister of Media and Public Affairs
Andrew Janiszewski 10 January 2015 2 March 2015 New Democratic Janiszewski II
51 days
Damian Billbrough 2 March 2015 17 July 2015 Conservative
Janiszewski III
123 days West II
Stephen Freayth 17 July 2015 19 July 2017 Conservative Billbrough
Lawton I
Lawton II
Lawton III
Hardy I
Renwick I
2 years, 2 days Eden
Hardy II
Hawkins I
Hawkins II
Independence Twain
Renwick II
United Abelden
Renwick III
Minister of Media and Governmental Communications
Kerry Campbell 19 July 2017 23 August 2017 Social Ecology Renwick IV
35 days
David Ross 23 August 2017 24 December 2017 Social Ecology Uberquie
123 days Neasa
Max Pollack 24 December 2017 21 April 2018 United Rhinoceros Shiro
118 days Renwick V
Minister of Media
Alex von Habsburg 21 April 2018 27 June 2018 National Federalist
later Die Rechte
67 days
Max Pollack 27 June 2018 2 October 2018 Die Rechte Freayth I
97 days
Minister of Culture and Media
Max Pollack 2 October 2018 1 April 2019 Die Rechte Freayth II
173 days Kârjasary
Connor Stumperth 1 April 2019 28 July 2019 Liberty Front Daniels I
118 days
Minister of Media
Connor Stumperth 28 July 2019 27 November 2019 Liberty Front Daniels I
122 days Daniels II
Patrick Renwick 27 November 2019 29 June 2020 Populares
215 days Renwick VI
Vacancy from 29 June 2020 to 10 July 2020. N/A
Patrick Renwick 27 November 2019 29 June 2020 NRGU Provisional
215 days Renwick VII