Duchy of Hodiny

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Duchy of Hodiny
Herzogtum Hodinien
Dēczj dā Hødinske (hdy)
Coat of arms
Motto: Aus der Asche (German for 'From the ashes')
Anthem: More Than A Feeling (by Boston)
File:Illinois, United States of America
Largest cityTevetëm (population), Viridi (area)
Official languagesEnglish, German, Hodish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy (Duchy)
• Prime Minister
Ian Nolon
• Duke
Duke Dylan Emborough I
LegislatureThe Senate and the Court of Hodiny
• Census
Time zoneCentral Standard Time
Preceded by
Kingdom of Ërste

The Duchy of Hodiny (German: Herzogtum Hodinien, Hodish: Dēczj dā Hødinske) (also: HAH-dn-ee (d pronounced as ɾ or d are both acceptable), HAH-din-ee) was a micronation that was founded on December 17, 2013. Hodiny was run by a duke, Duke Dylan I. It was divided up into 6 provinces (Nuruen, Pysteria, Virden, Angus, Sturm, Gerbepech), each with their own cities. There are also 2 AAs, also called Administrative Areas. The capital is Tevetëm, Nuruen, Hodiny.


Hodiny comes from the Czech/Slovak word hodiny meaning clock.



Hodiny's current land was originally inhabited by the Hopewell culture, followed by the Mississippians and then the Illiniwek. The French came and traded with the Natives, and then the British fought the French and won the Illinois Territory. Americans settled the area after a while, and where Hodiny is now was settled as well.

The Gerber Empire

The Gerber Empire (also styled as Die Gerber Reich) was a Germanic state that at its peak was 215 acres in size, and it had a booming economy, until one man brought about its downfall by gambling the economy away. The Gerber Empire lasted from ca. 1850 - 1927. Virden was the first province to be settled, in the 1960s. Time passed, and soon the AAs were settled along with Angus. New Rouen was the last to be settled, in 2001/2.

The Confederacy

In the 2000s, Duke Dylan was born. He rose to be a prominent figure in his grade in school, and had a group of people that would always stick around him. This was called the Confederacy. The Confederacy fell apart after about 9 years, from early 2005 to late 2013, because of internal issues. On December 17, 2013, Duke Dylan signed a contract of mutual support between the future leader of the ROS and the future leader of the rebel Karan. Duke Dylan began thinking about how nations signed treaties and allied with each other, and after a quick search on the Internet, he stumbled across micronations. He decided to found one, and then the prehistory period ended and the historical period began:

Foundation: December 17, 2013

The Republic of Hodiny was officially founded on December 17, 2013, by the current monarch, then president. By the turn of the new year, the population had grown to 3.


As Hodiny continued into the new year, the first election was held. The President remained in office as a Republican candidate. In the next month, the population exploded, increasing to 10. On February 2, the second election was held, with the same results as the first. The population had increased to 13 by March 2, the third election, which turned out again the same as the first and second.

Establishment of the Monarchy and Subsequent Revolution

The President abolished the elections and the Republic on March 5, establishing a monarchy and making himself king of the Kingdom of Hodiny. Not everyone liked this decision though, and on March 13, two rebel groups seceded and declared war on Hodiny. These were called Seefor and Karan. This kicked off the Springfield Revolution, of which the Monarchy (Hodiny) won on June 1.

The Summer War

June 3 brought two more nations. One, named Onz, immediately declared war on Hodiny. The other nation, named Vierzehn, allied with Hodiny and helped defeat Onz. Every day almost there was a battle, the most memorable being the Battle of Fort Tile, but as the saying goes, "A battle won, a war lost," which was true for Onz, because they lost the Summer War on August 18. Onz was defeated and ended that day, and Vierzehn ceded themselves to Hodiny. During this time, the Dictatorship of Adistan was founded on June 16. After the war, not much happened, other than the population peaking at 16 and then quickly declining to 3 by the time the Republic of Biolie was formed on September 16.

The Biolie Rivalry

Though Hodiny has always been the most influential nation in its region, there have been some contenders for the spot. The first to challenge Hodinian influence was the Republic of Biolie. Biolie started out small and grew to rival Hodiny in a short time.

On October 10, tensions between Hodiny and Biolie had risen to war, the Biolie War, a war that Hodiny won on October 17. On November 13, the Republics of Pouvoir and Lafayette were founded. Tensions once again rose between Hodiny and Biolie, and the Insignia War broke out between them on November 14, ending on November 20 in a treaty called the Insignia Treaty. Biolie and Hodiny then put their differences behind them and allied against a much greater threat: Pouvoir. They declared war on Pouvoir, Oduck, and Adalandia on November 20. During this war, called the War of Neutralization, tensions inevitably rose again between Hodiny and Biolie, but thankfully there was no war this time. From December 20 to January 2 the period known as the Vermont Crisis ensued. This was so named because back then, Hodiny was simulationist, laying 'blanket claims' across the U.S., all of which have been renounced to the point where a little less than 100 acres are in Hodinian possession today.


The War of Neutralization lasted until January 31, with the ending of Oduck and Adalandia. Pouvoir was also defeated, but not annexed. The next month, on February 14, Pouvoir played a trick on Hodiny and Biolie, declaring the 'Militia War' that turned out to be a hoax on February 16. On March 6, Pouvoir provoked Hodiny and Adistan, and war was declared, the Pouvoiran War, that only lasted for that day. Pouvoir was defeated. A week later, on March 13, Biolie presented the Recognized Territories Pact, of which Hodiny rejected, but Adistan signed. This treaty restricted claims to where they were at the time, and had Hodiny signed it, the nation would not be able to expand its land. On April 4, Pouvoir provoked Adistan, and the Adistani-Pouvoiran War was declared, with Pouvoir winning the next day.

Temporary End of Pouvoiran Tensions, Beginning of Adistani Rivalry, and Only Court Case Ever in Hodiny

The next few months were fairly uneventful, until June 6, when Adistan declared war on Hodiny. Hodiny won the Adistani War on June 16. On September 24, Pouvoir and Hodiny suspended themselves from the Square, an alliance between Hodiny, Biolie, Adistan, Pouvoir, and Lafayette, and declared war on Adistan, kicking off the Second Adistani War. This war lasted until October 6, with a Hodinian victory at the end. Hodiny and Pouvoir rejoined the Square after this.

On November 1, it was discovered that Fotbolti's predecessor had stolen from Hodiny's rock and mineral collection. The 6 rocks: amethyst, calcite, ruby, garnet, and two chunks of galena, we're fought over for hours. On November 2, it was decided that a case would be held in a makeshift court. It was ruled in Emborough v. Emborough that Dylan Emborough would get the rocks. He returned them to their rightful places in the rock collection.

Adistan Succumbs to Hodiny, Hodinian Unification Begins

December 23 brought Adistan's partial end, when it was decided that the nation's fate would rest upon Hodiny, so Adistan was ceded to Hodiny as a puppet state of Hodiny. They remained like this until February 11 the next year, when the region was fully integrated into Hodiny. This began a process known as the Hodinian Unification. December 28 brought a freak storm that crippled transportation for a while with a huge flood. A similar but less destructive flood hit on July 7, 2015, now celebrated as Deluge Day. Hodiny went into the new year with a flood crisis on its hands.


The first major event in the year of 2016 was a power outage on January 5. This outage didn't affect Hodiny, but it hit Biolie and Pouvoir. On January 7, Hodiny took over the ROS due to inactivity, again part of the Hodinian Unification.

Third Adistani War

Tensions again rose when Hodiny presented the Recognized Ensemble Agreement Pact to the Square. Pouvoir signed it, but Biolie and Adistan resisted. After negotiations failed, Pouvoir and Hodiny suspended themselves from the Square again and declared war on Adistan. This started the Third Adistani War on February 3. In this war is where a coup against Hodiny took place. The Pouvoiran Consul attempted to subvert the Hodinian Monarchy, which he almost succeeded at, but it failed in the end. Pouvoir publicly announced that they switched sides on the 5th, and on the 6th peace was worked out between Hodiny and Adistan, and Hodiny and Pouvoir. Lafayette declared war on Hodiny that day, and the next day it surrendered. During this war, the Republic of Fotbolti seceded from Hodiny. On the 8th as well, Hodiny turned from a kingdom to a duchy, establishing the Duchy of Hodiny.

Reforms and Project 16

On February 11, reforms began to take place. A population rebuilding project was started, called Project 16, and was effective, and a more serious government was established. A Prime Minister was elected that day, and a Senate and Court were soon formed afterwards. There was also a House, the third constituent of the Triumvirate, but the House was gotten rid of and the Triumvirate was reduced to the Senate and the Court. Political parties soon formed: the RCP (Conservative Right-Wing Party), the LLP (Liberal Left-Wing Party), and the MPP (Middle Political Party). A Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written on February 15. On February 22, a treaty of mutual support was signed between Hodiny and the Republic of Mcarthia. On March 22, Pouvoir ceded itself to Hodiny, again furthering the Hodinian Unification. On April 1, a non-aggression pact was signed with the Kingdom of Novapara.

Civil War and Proposal of Operation Subversion

Tensions arose with the Chief Justice, also the past leader of Pouvoir, when he demanded that all non-conservatives be taken off the Court. He then wanted only people he knew to be on the Court, and he also began pushing for laws that no one else agreed with. This all took place on April 8. The next day, Duke Dylan formulated a plan that if enacted, would remove the Pouvoiran Consul/Chief Hodinian Justice from his position of Consul in the Republic of Pouvoir. It was never carried out. On April 11, tensions arose to the climax with the Chief Justice as still part of Hodiny. The Chief Justice was fired from his position, with Ian Nolon replacing him. The Chief Justice got mad, and he seceded, also declaring a Civil War against Hodiny. An article on this was published in The Daily Micronational. The war ended with a de facto Hodinian victory on April 15.

The Second Prime Minister Elections

On April 18, a new law was passed. It made the Prime Ministerial elections take place a week later, on April 25. Four people entered the race: Incumbent Prime Minister Adam of Hodiny, Xavier of Novapara, Ian Nolon, and Lily of Fredeliglan. PM Adam was fired from his position soon afterward, on the 21st, automatically removing him from his position as PM, leaving the spot vacant until the election. His Court seat was replaced by Prince Xavier of Novapara. Prince Xavier dropped out of the election race on April 24, and President Lily dropped out on April 25, during the elections and debates, with 25% support. This left only Ian, who by default became Hodiny's 2nd Prime Minister.

Paper Battles Begin

On May 1, 2016, the Kenney Skirmish with Fotbolti occurred, with a Hodinian victory. Fotbolti and Hodiny again became locked in battle during the First and Second Battles of the Basement (May 15 and May 26). The First ended in a Hodinian victory and the temporary arrest of the Fotboltian president. It also resulted in territorial gains for Hodiny. The Second ended in a tie, with no result. On May 17, a treaty was signed with Lundenwic, and on May 26, a treaty was signed with Loquntia. The Geological Society of Hodiny was founded May 28, 2016.

Second Constitution

The second Constitution of Hodiny was released on June 3, called the Konshtetn (how it was spelled in Modern Hodish. In MR Hodish it's spelled Kønschtehtn). On June 16, Michał Nowacki of Litvania became a Hodinian citizen. Sturm was also annexed a few days before, and this day it was given a capital, Großeltern.

The First Amendments to the Konshtetn

Senator Matthew proposed a law on June 14, and it passed the next day, allowing LGBTs to hold public office in Hodiny. 4 days later, a second amendment to the Konshtetn was passed, and it changed the national game, anthem, and flag of Hodiny. The national game became Rock Band, the anthem became More Than A Feeling (by Boston), and the flag became a horizontal tricolor with black on top, white in the middle, and red on bottom. The Province of Gerbepech was annexed on July 4, 2016. Senator Matthew Cummings resigned as senator and renounced his Hodinian citizenship on July 16. This brought the MPP down to 3 members and 2 Parliament seats, just hours after MPP Chairman Xavier de Novapara announced that the MPP was the second largest party in Hodiny and was tied with the RCP for Parliament seats.

The Death of Chili

Around July 13, 2016, the Duke's dachshund Chili began displaying respiratory problems. She was taken to the vet and she had a bad case of bronchitis. On July 21, she was taken to the vet again as she was not getting better. It was found by reviewing X-rays that she had a tumor-like thing in her back that was crushing her trachea and possibly esophagus as well, not allowing her to eat or drink and making it very hard to breathe. On July 22, it was pretty clear what was going to happen. The doctors could do nothing about Chili, and her health was rapidly declining. She still couldn't eat or drink, though when presented with the opportunity it looked like she wanted to. Her breathing also would not improve, and was actually getting worse. There were only two possible outcomes: she would die a slow, terrible death of starvation, dehydration, and suffocation, or she could be put down and not have to suffer option 1 to its full extent. On the morning of July 23, she was taken to the vet again, and the Emborough family, including Duke Dylan I, said their last goodbyes as she slowly died. This left Duke Dylan and the rest of his family in great despair and grief for weeks afterward. Rest In Peace, Chili. We love you and will miss you. May 11, 2002 - July 23, 2016

Resignation of Senator Neasa and August 1 Reforms

On July 29, Senator Ava Neasa resigned from his position as Senator and as Counselor on the Hodinian War Council. The Senate resignation may not have been a big deal though, because Duke Dylan proposed merging the Senate and Court to form the Sïsuhnor. The Hodinian Alliance Party died out with Dallin.

On August 1, reforms were carried out. The capital city was renamed Tevetëm, and its province was named Nuruen. The word for province was swapped out with Krahinë as a part of the introduction of the Albanian language into Hodiny. The Senate and Court were merged to form the Sïsuhnor.


On September 27, 2016, Duke Dylan entered a hiatus from micronationalism due to pressures such as school work competing for time. Duke Dylan ceased communication on the forums, asked the Sïsuhnor, Minister of Economy, and Minister of Fiance to step down, and declared a state of emergency in Hodiny.[1]

After this period, Hodiny entered a "low-activity mode" that lasted until December, at which point the nation officially collapsed.[2]


Hodiny has 6 krahinës (provinces) and 2 Administrative Areas, also called AAs. No AAs are permitted to have their own cities, but out of the 6 krahinës, there are 7 cities.


Because of all the provinces' close proximities to each other, they all have pretty much the exact same climate. Metropolitan Hodiny, Lower Hodiny, and the Northern Territories all have rapidly changing weather. Typically, the weather will decide to skip a season, such as spring 2016, because the temperature fluctuated between 30-40 and 80 from day to day. It is also during this time and most of the the summer that huge storms will sweep through. Metropolitan Hodiny is usually spared from these storms (much to the Duke's dismay. He loves storms). It is known that a tornado hit Viridi once, ripping up part of the landmark known as the Shop. It was repaired within a month. A tornado also hit a former region of Hodiny, almost completely collapsing a shed. The summer of 2016 is one of the hottest in Hodinian history, so far with a high of 104 °F reported in Nuruen. In other words, the weather in Hodiny is rarely predictable more than a couple days ahead of time, and fluctuates wildly. Currently Hodiny is suffering an immensely hot summer. Duke Dylan I likes predicting weather, and loves it when major storms sweep the area. Many of his friends and fellow Hodinians call him 'Mr. Weatherman'.


  • Krahinë of Nuruen: Tevetëm, Nuruen
  • Krahinë of Pysteria: Shoreton, Pysteria
  • Krahinë of Virden: Viridi, Virden
  • Krahinë of Angus: Hopp, Angus; Sandpit, Angus
  • Krahinë of Sturm: Großeltern, Sturm
  • Krahinë of Gerbepech: Neu Emmendingen, Gerbepech

Nuruen, Pysteria, Adistan AA, and Pouvoir AA are grouped together as Metropolitan Hodiny. Angus, Virden, and Gerbepech are grouped as the Northern Territories, and Sturm is currently the only province in Lower Hodiny.


Name Capital Population
Northern Territories Viridi 0 citizens, 4 non-citizen residents
Metropolitan Hodiny Tevetëm 6 citizens, 8 non-citizen residents
Lower Hodiny Großeltern 0 citizens, 2 non-citizen residents


Name Capital Population
Nuruen Tevetëm 4
Angus The Sandpit 0 citizens, 2 non-citizen residents
Virden Viridi 0 citizens, 2 non-citizen residents
Pysteria Shoreton 0
Sturm Großeltern 0 citizens, 2 non-citizen residents
Gerbepech Neu Emmendingen 0


Name Capital Population
Adistan AA N/A (Adania) 1 citizen, 4 non-citizen residents
Pouvoir AA N/A 1 citizen, 4 non-citizen residents


Name Population Etymology Other Notes
Tevetëm 4 Tevetëm comes from the Albanian words for 'the one and only'. Capital of the Nuruen Krahinë.
Viridi 2 Viridi comes from the Spanish verde, also where the province name Virden comes from. Verde was chosen as the parent word of Viridi and Virden due to the fact that many people up here have the surname Green. Viridi is the capital of Virden Krahinë. It is also the only name of any Hodinian city to have not been changed since it was created in early 2014, making it the capital city with the oldest name in Hodiny.
Hopp 2 Hopp's etymology is unknown.
Shoreton 0 Shoreton comes from its geographic position. Shoreton takes up the shore side of Pysteria, thus Shoreton. Shoreton is the capital of Pysteria Krahinë.
the Sandpit 0 The Sandpit has a simple etymology: it's a big pit of sand. The Sandpit is the capital of Angus Krahinë.
Neu Emmendingen 0 Neu Emmendingen has a clear German influence. Neu means new. Emmendingen comes from the German town in present-day Baden-Württemberg where the Duke's ancestors came from. These were the same ancestors of the Gerber Empire. Neu Emmendingen is the capital of Gerbepech Krahinë.
Großeltern 2 Großeltern is the German word for grandparents. Großeltern is the capital of Sturm Krahinë.

National Parks

There is one national park so far, called Baker National Park. It is located in Viridi, Virden.

Political Parties

Party name Chairman Number of members Sïsuhnor
Conservative Right-Wing Party (RCP) Duke Dylan Emborough I 7
1 / 5
Liberal Left-Wing Party (LLP) Prime Minister Ian Nolon 2
1 / 5
Middle Political Party (MPP) Xavier de Novapara 3
2 / 5
Hodinian Imperial Party (HIP) Nick Kaos 1
1 / 5
Independent (IND) N/A 1
0 / 5
Corporations (not an actual party) N/A N/A
0 / 5
  • RCP: The RCP has right-wing views. Much like the GOP of America.
  • LLP: The LLP has left-wing views. Much like the Democratic Party of America.
  • MPP: The MPP has center views, in between the RCP and LLP.
  • HAP: The HAP had libertarian views. They currently are not in existence anymore because of Dallin's resignation.
  • HIP: The HIP has center views, and promotes turning Hodiny into an Imperial Duchy. It also promotes rapid expansion of Hodiny's borders and independence for Hodiny as soon as possible.


Music and German Culture

(main article: Hodish Language)

Hodiny's culture is based almost completely around 80s music, specifically 80s heavy metal and hard rock. Hodiny's national anthem is a rock song from the 70s, More Than A Feeling, by Boston. The genres most liked by the population are heavy metal, (hard) rock, rock 'n' roll, hair metal, and grunge. Some other popular groups are REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Mötley Crüe, though this list is just a small portion of the real list. Much of Hodiny's culture is also German culture. Duke Dylan has said about Hodiny,"I want Hodiny to be a cultural hub for anyone, with 80s music constantly playing out of speakers on the streets, and a very noticeable German culture."

The cover for Hodiny's anthem: More Than A Feeling, by Boston. It signifies Hodiny's rock culture.


The Duchy's official language (besides English and German) is Hodish, a conlang that is being constructed by the duke.

Below is a sample text:

Hødinisch es ín nahsíøn'al Schprahche dé Hødinske. Es es'sé vüet Lídr'n. Hødinisch es Grøßes'ik Schprahche, í es zahklådí't unahn dé Grøßesisch, Tuløsisch, Pohlisch, Dahnschkisch, Svedisch, Énglisch, í Czekisch.

The three official languages of Hodiny are English, German, and Hodish, and there are also three minority languages: Polish, Japanese, and French, and 5 languages that are being constructed: Litvanian, Hodškíntya, Flaré, Ånlæhån, and Hemblish, along with two being learned: Russian and Irish Gaelic.

The Other Languages

Official Languages: English, German, Hodish

Minority Languages: Japanese, French, Polish

Languages Being Constructed/Learned: Litvanian, Hemblish, Flaré, Ånlæhån

The phrase Duchy of Hodiny in all these languages/Sprachen/Schprahche'n:

Official/Majority Languages

English: Duchy of Hodiny

German: Herzogtum Hodiny

Hodish: Díczj dé Hødinske

Minority Languages

2 Speakers:

▪French: Duché de Hodiny

1 Speaker:

▪Polish: Księstwo Hodiny

▪Japanese: Hodiny公国 (Hodiny kōkoku)

Languages Either Being Developed or Being Learned

Being Learned:

▪Russian: Герцогство Hodiny (Gertsogstvo Hodiny)

▪Irish Gaelic: Diúcacht Hodiny


Being Developed:

▪Litvanian: Archvévodstvi Hodinsko

▪Hodškíntya: Ttóčky ov Hódyny

▪Hemblish: Hoomalimapoli uvluv Hodiny

▪Flaré: Docac doe Hodan

▪Ånlæhån: Dəčë uv Hådinë

Hodish English

Hodish English is basically the Midwestern dialect of American English. There are some differences from normal English:

Dr: Drop, drip, and drought are pronounced like jrop, jrip, and jrought, because Midwestern Hodinians pronounce dr as if it were jr.

Tr: Tree and train are pronounced like chree and chrain. Midwestern Hodinians pronounce tr like chr.

Emphasis is usually enforced quite a bit on the emphasized syllables of a word, unlike other places (such as Britain), where the emphasis is definitely noticeable, but more subtle.

The word are is falling into disuse. A Midwestern Hodinian will say something such as, "Where you going?" or, "There four pairs of shoes that got run over." Occasionally, you can just barely an 'er attached to the end of there or where, but you will almost never hear it.


Hodiny's national media outlet is The Ërsten Times, owned and operated by Duke Dylan I. New articles come out periodically every Sunday, with the occasional Special Article that isn't on Sunday.

Secondary outlets are the Quo Times, the DCNR (Definitive Community News Report), the Daily Micronational, and themicronational.


Hodiny has a total of 14 citizens, all but 5 of which are non-territorial. There are 12 male citizens, and 2 female citizens. There also are 12 white citizens, and 2 who identify as multiracial (both two multiracials are male). The highest ever population count was 17. About half of the population identifies as a nerd or geek, including the Duke. Around 9 citizens are either learning or know a language other than English. Hodiny has a literacy rate of 100%.



Hodiny is a duchy. The Duke has a lot of power under the Konshtetn (Hodish: Kønschtetn). The legal process is as listed below:

  • Law is suggested by a citizen
  • Duke approves or disapproves bill
  • If approved, bill goes to Senate
  • If ratified by 51% majority of Senate, bill moves to Court
  • Court votes. If ratified by 3 of the 5 justices, bill becomes a law.

Hodiny also has a Cabinet in the executive branch.

  • Duke: Dylan Emborough I (RCP)
  • Prime Minister: Ian Nolon (LLP)
  • Minister of Science: Griffin Kaos (HIP)
  • Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation: Michal Nowacki (IND)
  • Minister of Diplomacy: Dylan Emborough I (RCP)
  • Minister of Economy: Griffin Kaos (HIP)

Ruling House

The ruling house is the House of Emborough. The figure from the house that rules Hodiny is Duke Dylan Emborough I. His brother, also a member of the House of Emborough, is the leader of the Empire of Fotbolti. The House of Emborough also briefly ruled the Republic of Fredeliglan (now Anlehan) for a month, with Duke Dylan as their president. Duke Dylan and Fotbolti's Emperor's other side of the family rules the Kingdom of Meltonia.

Sénahz and Chohrtüm (Not In Use Anymore)


Dylan Emborough (RCP)

[Spot open for any Hodinian citizen]

Nick Kaos (HIP)

Lily de Anlehan (MPP)


Dylan Emborough (RCP)

Ian Nolon (LLP)

Xavier de Novapara (MPP)

Lily de Anlehan (MPP)

[Name kept from public] President of Biolie (RCP)


The Sïsuhnor is the current legislature in Hodiny.

Dylan Emborough (RCP)

Ian Nolon (LLP)

Xavier de Novapara (MPP)

Lily de Anlehan (MPP)

Nick Kaos (HIP)


The official religion is Christianity. There are many different denominations in Hodiny:

Religion Amount of Adherents
Baptist Christian 1
Lutheran Christian 1
Catholic Christian 1
Roman Catholic Christian 1
Nondenominational Christian 3
Non-religious 1
Atheist 1
Other 1

3 citizens have not yet reported on their religion.

In Hodiny it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of religion.


Hodiny has three tiers of diplomacy:

  • 1st Tier: Mutual Recognition
  • 2nd Tier: Non-aggression pact
  • 3rd Tier: Alliance

No nation can go immediately to 3rd Tier.

  • Empire of Pacem (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Communitarian National Socialist Republic (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Republic of Mcarthia (1st, 2nd)
  • Principality of Novapara (1st, 2nd)
  • Republic of Noland (1st)
  • Federated States of Noveria (1st, 2nd)
  • Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic (1st, 2nd)
  • Republic of the Kingdom of Loquntia (1st, 2nd)
  • Republic of Litvania (1st, 2nd)
  • Principality of Nossia (1st, 2nd)
  • Grand Republic of Delvera (1st, 2nd)
  • Kingdom of Ruthenia (1st, 2nd)
  • Mohawk Empire (1st, 2nd)
  • Kingdom of Imvrassia (1st, 2nd)
  • Barony of Gristan (1st)

Nations that used to have diplomacy with Hodiny

Other Notes

Hodiny is hoping to soon join the Micronational Conlang and Language Union. Duke Dylan I is currently working on that. The members of the MCLU seem excited to have Hodiny as a member.