Springfield Revolution

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Springfield Revolution/Korean Revolution
Part of Reactions to Monarchical Establishment in Hodiny
DateMarch 13, 2014 - June 1, 2014
Seefor and Karan
Result Hodinian Monarchical Victory

Hodinian (Zylandian) Monarchy

Kingdom of Zyland

Rebels Dictatorship of Seefor

Republic of Karan
Commanders and leaders
King Dylan Emborough I

Dictator of Seefor

President of Karan


Total: 15

1 (Seefor) 1 (Karan)

Total: 2

The Springfield Revolution, also called the Korean Revolution, was the first war Hodiny, then Zyland, had ever experienced. The Korean minority in Zyland rose up against the monarchy in protest of its switch to a kingdom.


On December 17, 2013, the Republic of Zyland was formed. Zyland held elections that very day, and Dylan Emborough, running for the Republican Party of Zyland (RPZ) was voted in with a 100% vote for him. On January 2, he decided that now that Zyland had many more citizens, there would be presidential elections again. He ran against [Person E] this time. Dylan again won by a landslide, with 66% support for him against [Person E], running for the Zylandian What's A Party (ZWAP). On February 2, 2014, elections were again held. Dylan again ran for the RPZ, and [Person E] ran for the ZWAP along with [Person J]. Dylan again won. On March 2, 2014, election were held for the last time. Dylan ran against [Person E] and [Person J], winning only marginally this time, with 50% of the vote. [Person J] received 25% along with [Person E]. 3 days later, on March 5, 2014, President Emborough of Zyland declared himself King of the Kingdom of Zyland. Many citizens were unhappy with this move. Two citizens decided to take action against this.

The War

They seceded from Zyland as the Dictatorship of Seefor and the Republic of Karan. The President of Karan attempted making a separate alphabet based off of English as code, but it was eventually abandoned. Many battles took place, the most notable being the Battle of Fort Moor. This was a monarchy victory. The rebels eventually surrendered and returned their land to Zyland on June 1, 2014. Another nation would take action against the Zylandian monarchy just two days later, and would lose against Zyland and Vierzehn.