Angus Province

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Angus is a krahinë (province) in the Duchy of Hodiny. It is the third krahinë and contains two cities: Hopp and the Sandpit, the latter of which is the capital of this krahinë. Angus is named so because it has tons of black Angus cows. Angus also is one of the most geographically diverse areas of Hodiny. It has a creek running down the western side called Red Haw Creek. It has a citizen count of zero, and a resident count of two. This krahinë borders the shared Meltonian-Fotboltian territory Eastern Sandpit, which itself borders the capital of this krahinë. The krahinë also is one of the only krahinës to border Hodinian land, the other land being Virden Krahinë. Angus is 33.6 acres total, and one of the two krahinës of the Northern Territories. Its flag is a green flag with a black diamond G on it in the center. The Hodish spelling of Angus is Éngus, and the demonym for this province is Angusite (Hodish: Énguský).