2016 Third Adistani War Coup Attempt

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2016 Third Adistani War Coup Attempt
Part of Third Adistani War
Date3 February 2016 - 9 February 2016
Hodiny (specifically: Pouvoir AA and Adistan AA)
Result Coup Failed

Hodinian Government

Duchy of Hodiny

Coup Forces Pouvoir AA

Adistan AA

President of Biolie
Commanders and leaders
Duke Dylan Emborough I

Leader of Pouvoir AA

Leader of Adistan AA

President of Biolie

1 (Hodiny)

Total: 1

1 (Pouvoir AA)

1 (Adistan AA)

1 (Biolie)

Total: 3

The 2016 Third Adistani War Coup Attempt was a failed coup against the Hodinian monarchy that took place during the Third Adistani War. It lasted for six days, from 3 February to 9 February 2016.


Events Leading Up to the Coup

Three members of the Square had made an ensemble in their band elective without notifying Dylan Emborough. When Dylan requested his addition to the group, he was blatantly refused. He kept trying, and eventually he almost had the group convinced. However, the leader of Pouvoir AA 'smacktalked' Dylan, and the Square turned against Hodiny. After Dylan realized he wouldn't be able to join the ensemble, he typed a contract for the Square to sign that promised Dylan's notification and addition to the ensemble the next year. The leader of Pouvoir signed it, but it was refused by Biolie and Adistan AA. The leader of Pouvoir AA, seeing this as a good opportunity to depose Dylan from the position of Duke of Hodiny, instigated a coup.

The Coup

This excerpt was taken from a post made on the forum by Dylan regarding the coup:

The Third Adistani War was a time of turmoil in the Square. Pouvoir and Hodiny had suspended themselves from the Square and declared war on Adistan for crimes against Hodiny. Little did Hodiny know that Pouvoir had declared a faux war on Adistan. They were operating a coup attempt that was almost successful against Hodiny. The day before, Pouvoir had rallied up all the members of the Square (except Lafayette) and convinced them to turn against the Hodinian government. Lafayette soon joined in with an 'economic embargo' against Hodiny. The Consul of Pouvoir had turned most of the population against me and the rest of the loyal government. Biolie almost declared war, but never got around to it. Lafayette and Adistan were aggressively at war with Hodiny, and almost triggered the collapse of the Hodinian government. Pouvoir switched sides in the war halfway through, creating a new Square without Hodiny (of which never got off the ground, the old Square prevailed). At this point, about 80% of the population was against the government. The coup however was crushed after making peace with the other nations and defying the economic embargo.