Fourway Cold War

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Fourway Cold War
Part of Second Surge of Micronations to Hodinian Area
DateFebruary 18, 2016 - March 18, 2016
Hlandian/Lukeagask/Minian/Lafayettian/Pouvoiran Front
Result Stalemate; Ras Powers claim victory; Lukeagask Collapse

Ras Powers Republic of Lafayette Dictatorship of Minecraftia

Republic of Lukeagascar

Consulate of Pouvoir (from February 22)


Liberal Dictatorship of Hlandia

1 (Lafayette) 3 (Lukeagascar)

1 (Minecraftia)

1 (Pouvoir)

Total: 6

1 (Hlandia)

Total: 1

The Fourway Cold War was a cold war between the conservative Ras Powers and the liberal Hlandia. Four nations banded together to form the Ras Powers: Lafayette, Minecraftia, Lukeagascar, and Pouvoir, against Hlandia.



During a discussion in Math A, it was revealed that the leader of Hlandia was a liberal and a Hillary supporter. The intense majority of conservatives in the room began criticizing him of this, and soon the nation of Lafayette shouted, "I declare war on Hlandia!". Minecraftia and Lukeagascar soon followed.

The War

On February 18, 2016, Lafayette, Minecraftia, and Lukeagascar declared war on Hlandia and formed the Ras Powers. Pouvoir joined a few days later. The intent of the Ras Powers was to convert Hlandia into a conservative nation that doesn't support Hillary. As in the title of the war, it was a cold war, so not much happened. There was one major event however...

Lukeagask Collapse

The Lukeagask Collapse was initiated by Hlandia during the cold war. The Hlandian leader began a coup in Lukeagascar that led to its ultimate demise.

End of the War

The war ended on March 18, 2016. Hlandia still supported Hillary. The Ras Powers claimed victory. It turned out to be a stalemate. Minecraftia was reestablished as Uml on July 21, and Lukeagascar was reestablished as the PGN on August 2.