List of conflicts in and around Hodiny

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Date Conflict Result Notes
13 March 2014 - 1 June 2014
Springfield Revolution
Hodinian (Monarchy) victory
  • Hodiny (Zyland at the time) changes from a republic to a monarchy. 8 days later, two rebel groups, Seefor and Karan, declare war on the government of Hodiny. They are eventually defeated on 1 June 2014. This took place in the Springfield Region, so it became known as the Springfield Revolution.
June 2014 - 18 August 2014
Summer War
Hodinian/Vierzehni victory
  • A nation named Onz formed on 1 June and immediately declared war on Hodiny and another nation named Vierzehn. Vierzehn and Hodiny both were locked in a fierce war with Onz. The only battle remembered from this war was the Battle of Fort Tile, a Hodinian/Vierzehni loss against Onz. Hodiny did end up winning, and Vierzehn ceded itself to Hodiny.
10 October 2014 - 17 October 2014
Biolie War
Hodinian victory
  • This war was declared against the Republic of Biolie. It is unknown what the war was for or what happened due to the Record Loss Crisis.
14 November 2014 - 20 November 2014
Insignia War
Truce: Insignia Treaty
  • This war was declared by Biolie on Hodiny. At the time, each nation in the Sherman Region had its own insignia. Hodiny switched from its insignia to one resembling Biolie's. Biolie immediately ordered Hodiny to switch back to the old one, but Hodiny didn't budge. Biolie then declared war on Hodiny, and a week later Biolie and Hodiny signed a treaty that allowed for them to both slightly alter their insignias (and allowed Hodiny to keep the new, slightly altered insignia) so that there wasn't too much confusion.
20 November 2014 - 31 January 2015
War of Neutralization
Hodinian/Bioliean victory
  • After Biolie and Hodiny had reconciled from the Insignia War, they both agreed that the immense amount of micronations in the Sherman Region, many of them not serious and waging war for no good reason, must be neutralized (hence the name of the war). Biolie and Hodiny declared war on Oduck, Adalandia, and Pouvoir. By the end of the war, Oduck and Adalandia had vanished, and Pouvoir capitulated, marking a Hodinian/Bioliean victory.
December 20, 2014 - January 2, 2015
Vermont Crisis
Vermont Agreement
  • The Vermont Crisis was not really a 'hot' war, more of a cold war between Biolie, Adistan, and Hodiny. Back then, all these nations were simulationist, and all three had laid a ridiculous claim to the state of Vermont. These 3 nations were and still are collectively known as the Nerd Herd. The Duke of Hodiny (then King) proposed an agreement drawing official borders. The Nerd Herd accepted it, and the conflict ended. These claims were renounced long ago.
February 14, 2015 - February 16, 2016
Militia War
  • This as well was not a war. This was a hoax war set up by Pouvoir. The Pouvoiran government tried to pit Biolie and Hodiny against each other because of their growing influence. On February 14, the President of Biolie accused the King of Hodiny of false things. The King asked the President who told him that stuff, and the President responded that it was the President of Pouvoir. The King immediately put together what was happening and told the President of Biolie. Biolie and Hodiny prepared for war against Pouvoir. The Pouvoiran President was able to convince the Bioliean President and the King of Hodiny to not declare war.
March 6, 2015
Pouvoiran War
Hodinian/Bioliean/Adistani victory
  • This war lasted about an hour. Adistan, Hodiny, and Biolie all declared war on Pouvoir at the same time, Hodiny and Biolie for revenge for the events less than a month earlier (Militia War) and Adistan for its own reasons. Pouvoir quickly submitted to the Nerd Herd.
April 4, 2015 - April 5, 2015
Pouvoir-Adistani War
Pouvoiran victory
  • Hodiny was not involved in this war, but it did publicly announce its support for Adistan. Adistan and Pouvoir declared war on each other, for reasons unremembered, most likely for the President of Pouvoir insulting the family of the Dictator of Adistan. Pouvoir won after just a day.
June 6, 2015 - June 16, 2015
Adistani War
Hodinian victory
  • On June 6, the Dictator of Adistan publicly announced that he believed the extensive research that the King had done on the House of Emborough (Ruling House of Hodiny) was fabricated completely solely because it showed that the King was descended from Charlemagne and the Norman noble house of Tosny. Other things followed, and Hodiny declared war on Adistan. 10 days later, Adistan surrendered and tried to cede itself to Hodiny. Hodiny rejected the cession attempt.
September 24, 2015 - October 6, 2015
Second Adistani War
Hodinian/Pouvoiran victory
  • On September 23, the Dictator of Adistan again insulted and refused to recognize the lineage of the King of Hodiny. Pouvoir was also having its own problems with Adistan, and on September 24, Hodiny and Pouvoir suspended themselves from the Square (a five-way alliance between the most influential Sherman Region micronations) and declared war on Adistan. The suspension was supposed to last only a week, but Pouvoir and Hodiny extended it a but further. Hodiny won and finally got the Dictator of Adistan to recognize the King's lineage. Pouvoir also got what it wanted.
February 3, 2016 - February 9, 2016
Third Adistani War
  • The King of Hodiny requested to be part of an ensemble at his school that had the Consul (former president) of Pouvoir, the President of Biolie, and the Dictator of Adania (successor to Adistan (Adistan ceded to Hodiny on December 28, 2015)). Pouvoir's Consul immediately said no. The President of Biolie and the Dictator of Adania discussed it. Hodiny's King left the room, and when he came back, the ensemble voted on it, and when they all said no, the King of Hodiny asked why, and the Consul of Pouvoir said that he didn't want another French horn player in the ensemble. The King of Hodiny said that that was a stupid reason to reject him, but it seemed that Pouvoir was starting a coup within Hodiny. The King walked out of the room with a tempest brewing in his head. The next day, he brought a typed up agreement called the Recognized Ensemble Agreement Pact. It allowed the King to join the ensemble the next year, and laid out a few terms along with it. The Consul of Pouvoir signed it, but the President of Biolie and the Dictator of Adania blatantly refused. The President of Biolie even defaced it, and the Dictator of Adania tried to tear it up. The King and the Consul discussed this later that night, and they both agreed to declare war on Adania and suspend themselves from the Square once more. They declared war on the 3rd. Two days later, Pouvoir switched sides and declared war on Hodiny, attempting a coup again. The coup failed, but Pouvoir and Adistan were both at war with Hodiny, and Lafayette soon joined in for no reason, placing an 'economic embargo' on Hodiny that was never really enforced. Hodiny got all nations to stop the war. The war came out undecided, but I can tell you I really really really hope that they let me into the ensemble next year.
May 11, 2016 - May 15, 2016
Hodinian Civil War
Hodinian Government Victory
  • Read about this on the Daily Micronational article Civil War on Hodiny as John V joins Court.
May 1, 2016 - PRESENT
Paper Battles
  • This is an ongoing conflict between Hodiny and the Republic of Fotbolti. The President of Fotbolti is the Bruder of Hodiny's Duke, and hardly a few weeks go by without a major conflict between Hodiny and Fotbolti. There is a large growing list of battles.