House of Emborough

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The House of Emborough is the ruling house of the Duchy of Hodiny. The main and most well-known figure of the House of Emborough is Dylan I, Duke of Hodiny. His brother, also a member of the House, is Emperor of Fotbolti. The House of Emborough also briefly ruled the Republic of Fredeliglan (now Anlehan) for a month. Dylan I ruled the ROF as President Emborough. The other side of Dylan I's family rules the Kingdom of Meltonia.


The surname Emborough is not Dylan I's last name. It is a pseudonym very similar to his real surname. Anyway, the name Emborough came from a tiny town in Somerset, England, named Emborough (surprise). It eventually evolved overtime, eventually changing to the duke's surname. In 1786, John I was born (Duke Dylan I's 5x great grandpa) in Market Weighton, Yorkshire, England. He left England in 1829, and he ended up in Quebec. After six more years, he finally settled in Illinois in 1835. His descendants stayed mainly in Illinois, and there are still many Emborough businesses (again, pseudonym) in this area of Illinois. The House of Emborough's coat of arms is a yellow shield with a red banner diagonally across from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, with three yellow circles in the banner.