Summer War

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Summer War
Part of Reactions to Monarchical Establishment in Hodiny and last Offensive on Onz
DateJune 1, 2014 - August 18, 2014
Vierzehni-Onzi Front
Result Hodinian/Vierzehni Victory

German Forces Centish Empire

Republic of Vierzehn

ROS Intervention (non-German Force)


Coalition against German Forces

Communist Dictatorship of Onz
Commanders and leaders

King Dylan Emborough I President of Vierzehn

Dictator of the ROS
Dictator of Onz

2 (Hodiny/Centem) 3 (Vierzehn)

1 (ROS)

Total: 6

1 (Onz) w:United States 5 (American Supporters of Onz)

Total: 6

The Summer War was a war fought near the site of the Springfield Revolution, on the then Vierzehni-Onzi Front. It is known as one of the worst wars in Hodinian history, but eventually Hodiny prevailed.

Leading Up to the War

The events leading up to the war actually go back very far, to the days of the Confederacy. In late 2009, skirmishes between the East Faction and the Confederacy began, as the East Faction tried repeatedly to invade the Backtree and the Ditchlands. Problems only intensified though the years, and when the East Faction saw the Confederacy weakening in early 2014, they made their move. They changed to Onz and attacked the Centish Empire.

The War

The war began on June 1, 2014, just two days after the devastating but ultimately beneficial 150 AB (a reference to the old Centish calendar). The two things that were most characteristic in the war were the Onzi Suspension from the Playroom FIFA and NASCAR Matches and the Battle of Fort Tile.

Playroom FIFA and NASCAR

The headquarters of Vierzehn and Hodiny was called the Playroom. A FIFA and NASCAR equivalent had evolved there. Both nations, as well as Onz, participated in these events. As Onz declared war on Hodiny, with Vierzehn soon following, Vierzehn and Hodiny petitioned the Playroom FIFA and NASCAR governing bodies to suspend Onz. The petition was accepted, and Onz was not allowed to play in the games. This went on for the entire war.

Battle of Fort Tile

The Battle of Fort Tile is regarded as the largest and worst battle in all of Hodinian history. A fort was being built by Vierzehn, Hodiny, and the ROS, and Onz attacked it. This resulted in a 20 minute long battle in which resources were taken, wooden blocks were thrown, and marbles were thrown, resulting in many injuries. It had a total of 12 participants. Though battles occurred nearly every day, this was notable because of the sheer amount of people in it and the outcome. Onz won. It was a humilating loss for the German Forces. More on the battle can be found in the article itself.

The End of the War

The end of the war came about on August 18, 2014, a day before Tornado Memorial Day in Hodiny. Onz was defeated and annexed into Hodiny. Vierzehn ceded itself to Hodiny. After this, Hodiny relocated itself into its current region, where it would encounter even more drama, and a whole new set of micronations.