Virden Province

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Virden is a krahinë (province) of the Duchy of Hodiny, grouped under Northern Territories. It borders Angus Krahinë on the west, and the United States on the north, east, and south. It is about 40 minutes northeast of Metropolitan Hodiny, and 80 minutes northeast of Lower Hodiny. Virden is the largest Hodinian krahinë in area, at 46.4 acres. Its capital is Viridi, where both residents (not citizens) reside and where the Duke often goes to stay for a few days at a time. Its flag is simple, a blue bar on top and a green one on bottom. The demonym is Virdinian (Hodish: Vrdinský), and the Hodish spelling of Virden is Vrdn.


The surname Green is widespread in this krahinë. The Spanish word for Green is Verde, and both Viridi and Virden derive from this word.