Nathaniel Yates

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Nathaniel Yates
Premier of Kirkland
In office
October 23rd, 2011-present
Chairman of the Supreme People's Congress Stephen Landes
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Secretary General
In office
October 23rd, 2011 - January 31st, 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Leon Ulyanov
Personal information
Born July 19th, 1988
Independence, Missouri
Citizenship Kirkland
Nationality American, Kirkish
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Communist Party of Kirkland
Religion none (atheist)
Military service
Service/branch Office of Political Commissars
In service 2011 - present
Rank Chief Political Commissar
Unit 1st People's Rifle Guard Regiment

Nathaniel Yates is the Premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland. Prior to his involvement in the DPRoK he was active in the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland.


Early life

Nathaniel Yates was born on the 19th of July, 1988. As a child he attended a Lutheran private school, which he continued through high school. During high school he was exposed to communism during a search of the local public library. Upon reading the Communist Manifesto he was instantly swayed and became an immediate revolutionary.

During high school he got into trouble many times for openly espousing revolution and urging his fellow students to organize. During his junior year, he led a protest of students over the school's recent decision to require students to carry an ID on them at all times and being suspended for failure to have the ID on them and openly visible. On November 16, 2005 he led a walkout of over half of the school's small student body. He was promptly suspended and the ID policy was not removed but this event cemented in his mind the necessity for violent revolution in order to radically change society.

Around the same time as his famous walkout, Nathaniel lost his Christian faith. He was unable to accept that the world, being a terrible place where to rich and powerful dominate while the poor are neglected, was being watched by any supernatural being. Thus he became an atheist. He kept these beliefs to himself fearing the reprisals that would have been brought upon him by the teachers at his Lutheran private school.

Nathaniel graduated high school in 2007 then began to attend university at the University of Missouri as a journalism student. During his time at university he led a small rally of the local Communist Party that called for nationalization of the banking industry in the US following the market collapse. He continues to be active in his local Communist Party affiliate.

Involvement in the Empire of Kirkland

In February 2011 Nathaniel's friend, Brayden decided that he was going to create a micronation. Nathaniel, at first scoffing at the idea, decided that it may give him an opportunity to affect some real change. The nation that would be founded would be the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland. He began writing for the Kirkland News Service as editor-in-chief. Over time he became disillusioned by the flagrant elitism of Kirkish society. Finally, unable to stand the continued division of society in Kirkland, he staged a coup on July 19, 2011 that ultimately failed. He was promptly banished from Kirkland, a banishment that would last until September 28 of that same year.

Upon his return to Kirkland Nathaniel immediately took up the post of High Speaker of the House of Commons. In this office he tried to make sure that the opinions of the people of Kirkland were taken into account. He brought about efforts to liberalize the society of Kirkland. He was a vocal member of the Labour Party of Kirkland and pushed that party to move further to the left.

Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland

On October 13, 2011 the Empire of Kirkland was dissolved. In the struggles that followed Nathaniel decided that it was time to lead of revolution of the people. He announced the formation of Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland and invited everyone to join in on his new, communist nation. He made himself Premier of the DPRoK and Secretary General of the Communist Party. He then began the process of actually running the new nation.

Personal Ideology

Nathaniel Yates's political positions land clearly on the far left of the political spectrum. He has espoused ideas that are could be seen as Stalinist but, more often than not, Yates is seen as being more of a Leninist. He supports the single-party state that currently exists in Kirkland as being necessary for the continuation of the "Revolution" in Kirkland. He supports a fully planned economy and a centralized government.

Awards and honors

The following are the awards that have been given to Nathaniel Yates.

  • Hero of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland - For helping to found the DPRoK as a communist state
  • Order of Marx - For time and effort given in efforts to further communism in Kirkland
  • Order of the Red Banner of Labour - For aiding in the writing of the Constitution of the DPRoK
  • Order of the October Revolution - For helping to ensure the success of the October Revolution that brought socialism to Kirkland
Preceded by: Premier Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - Present Incumbent
Preceded by: Secretary General Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - January 2012 Leon Ulyanov
Preceded by: Commissar for Defence Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - Present Incumbent
Preceded by: Commissar for Foreign Affairs Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - January 2012 Leon Ulyanov
Preceded by: Commissar for Internal Affairs Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - January 2012 Leon Ulyanov
Preceded by: Commissar for Labour Succeded by:
Office created October 2011 - January 2012 Office merged