Secretary General of the Communist Party of Kirkland

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Secretary General of the
of the Communist Party of Kirkland
CPK logo.png
Leon Ulyanov
31st January, 2012
Residence None official
Term length 6 months
Inaugural holder Nathaniel Yates
Formation 1st Constitution of the DPRoK
Website General Secretary's Forum

The Secretary General of the Communist Party of Kirkland is the leader of that party.

Powers and responsibilities

The Secretary General is the head of the Communist Party. It is their duty to ensure that the party runs smoothly between Party Congresses. The Secretary General is selected by the Political Bureau of the Communist Party (or Politburo). The Secretary General, like the Politburo, is granted the power to enact decrees that are binding policy inside the Communist Party.

List of Secretaries General

Order No. Image Name Term start Term end Notes
1 CPK logo.png Nathaniel Yates 23 October 2011 31 January 2012 Started the CPK and took up the post upon the creation of the Party
2 CPK logo.png Leon Ulyanov 31 January 2012 Incumbent