Communist Party of Kirkland

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Communist Party
Secretary GeneralLeon Ulyanov
Founded23 October 2011
HeadquartersYatesburg, Halmonton
Membership  (2011)7
IdeologyCommunism, Leninism
Official coloursRed

The Communist Party is the only political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland. It is the only legal party in the DPRoK and rules the nation.

Party structure

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the head of the Communist Party. It is their duty to ensure that the party is run effectively. The General Secretary can form internal Party policy through decrees that are binding on the whole Party.

Political Bureau

The Political Bureau, or Politburo, is the main decision-making body of the Communist Party. The Politburo is responsible for approving appointments made to both the Council of People's Commissars and Premiership as well as approves Party candidates to run for the Supreme People's Congress. The Politburo is able to direct the votes of Party members in the Supreme People's Congress as well. The Politburo also appoints the Secretary General of the Party.

Central Committee

The Central Committee is the primary administrative body in the Communist Party. It is responsible for operating all the different apparatuses of the Party. The Central Committee selected the members of the Politburo.

Party Congress

The Party Congress is the highest authority in the Communist Party. Convened every six months, the Party Congress is able to handle any major business of the Party. Delegates are elected by Party members to attend the Congress. The Party Congress, as the conclusion of its business, selects the Central Committee that will serve for the duration between Party Congresses.