Party Congress of the Communist Party of Kirkland

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The Party Congress is the de jure highest body of the Communist Party of Kirkland. It has the power to make any and all types of policies for the Party. The Party Congress has the expressed power to appoint the Central Committee.

The Party Congress is comprised of the assembled members of the Communist Party. The Party Congress is capped at 30 delegates. In the event that there are more party members than possible delegates, then delegates are elected by the party membership.

The Party Congress is permitted to take up any and all issues presented which can vary from adopting a new Constitution to addressing the cleanliness standards of Party headquarters. Measures are adopted on a consensus basis with measures being adopted when all Party Congress attendees "consent" to accepting a policy. Because of the guiding principles of democratic centralism, once a decision is made all Party members are duty bound to follow that decision, whether they agree with it fully or not.

List of Party Congresses