Companion of the Community of Landashir

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Companion of the Community of Landashir
Awarded by the Landashir'n Government
Type International honour
Awarded for Friendship and recognition of excellence in the fields of leadership, academia and diplomacy
Status Currently awarded
Established January 2012
First awarded January 2012
Total awarded 26 (10 KC, 6 AC, 4 MC, 6 C)

The award known as the Companion of the Community of Landashir or the "CCL" is the Landashir'n award given to individuals in the intermicronational community. Awards are presented to individuals for long term friendship with the Community of Landashir and their work in the fields of diplomacy, leadership and education.


The award itself is split up into "specilisations" which split the award into 4 main brackets. These brackets indicate the recipient as either a General Companion (CCL), a Knight Companion (KCCL), an Academic Companion (ACCL) or a Master Companion (MCCL). By no means is any specilisation ranked higher than another, and it is not possible to be "promoted" or "demoted" as all awards are considered equal.

General companion

A General Companion is awarded for varying reasons, mainly friendship or affability with the Community of Landashir. There is no title awarded to a General Companion.

Knight companion

A Knight Companion is awarded for excellence in national or intermicronational leadership, as well as proficiency in their capabilities as a statesman or a politician. A Knight Companion is styled as "Sir".

Academic companion

An Academic Companion is awarded for his or her merits in education and academia. An Academic Companion is styled as "Dr."

Master companion

A Master Companion is awarded in recognition of his or her guidance in intermicronational affairs, whether through diplomatic, spiritual or philosophical engagement. There is currently no title for a Master Companion.


Recipients of the award are voted in by the Landashir'n public, through its government. Individuals can be nominated externally through correspondence with the Landashir'n Government.


General Companion

Knight Companion

Master Companion

Academic Companion


A recipient may request written confirmation of their award, by contacting the Landashir'n Government.

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