Blackfen Soviet Socialist Republic

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Blackefen (Blackfen Soviet Socialist Republic), is a new socialist republic in South London. It is made up of an entire house.

Blackfen Soviet Socialist Republic

Flag National Seal

National Anthem:
The Sandwhich Internationale
Haters Gonna Hate

Capital Blackfen
Total Area 100 sq M

Official languages English

Demonym Soviet

Government Socialist Republic
President Rory Cahill

Creation of the BSSR 9 June 2010 (lunchtime)

– Citizens 1
– Residence of clamied teritory aprox 500,000

Currency USLSSR Ruble

National Animal Sloth

National Sport Football

Time zone UTC

Country code BSSR

Internet TDL .bssr

Drives on the Left

It is part of the USLSSR


The BSSR was formed on the 9th June 2010 during a Physics lesson (which was boring).
The BSSR hopes that by the end of 2010 it becomes as recognisable as Sealand, this goal has been set by the all the citizens and is currently being worked on.

Goverment and Politics

The BSSR is ruled by the only party that has been formed, the Blackfen Communist Party. The country is open to new parties but many of these may fall foul of strict anti-terrorism laws.


President - Rory Cahill


1 USLSSR ruble = 1 Russian ruble

1 USLSSR ruble = £0.02

1 USLSSR ruble = 100 kopeks

Territorial Claims

London borough of Lewisham

London borough of Greenwich

London borough of Bexley



June 9 - Independence day

November 8 - Awesome day of Blackfen


Halfway street shops, park and old people.


The local team is Welling United. Welling till we die.

National Anthem

The Sandwitch Internationale

Oh Leestani,

land of the sarny,

Made for the people,

of the sandwhich!

United by sickle,

hammer and pickle,

but no brie,

for the Great Nation of Lee!

(Guitar solo for at least 5 minutes - under that would be an act of treason to the people and state)