USLSSR ruble

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50 rouble.png
Official users USLSSR
Pegged to .50 Pound Sterling
Symbol R
Code ULR
Plural Rubles
Coins 1k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 1R, 2R
Banknotes 5R, 10R, 20R, 50R
Central bank Bank of the USLSSR
Printer Mint of the USLSSR

The USLSSR Ruble was the currency of the now-extinct USLSSR. It was established a few days after the creation of the USLSSR (c.11 June 2010). The Ruble was lastly pegged to the British Pound as in the current economic climate the government believes that the Pound would be amongst the strongest currencies after the recovery, another factor was that the USLSSR was entirely surrounded by the United Kingdom (except for the Antarctican Soviet Socialist Republic and the MSSR).


2010-2011 Series

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Description
5rubles.png 5 R 7.28 x 16.99 cm Red Portrait of Lenin one of the nation's inspirations
10rubles.png 10 R 7.28 x 16.99 cm Red Oliver Parsons c.3 Days after the June Revolution of 2010.
20 ruble.png 20 R 7.28 x 16.99 cm Red Alex Whitmarsh President of the USLSSR, at the 1st Party convention
50 rouble.png 50 R 7.28 x 16.99 cm Red Rory Cahill the first General Secretary of the USLSSR