Foreign Legion of the USLSSR

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Foreign Legion of the USLSSR
Легија странаца УЈЛССР-а

Flag of the Foreign Legion
Motto: (Serbian): Браћа од других мајки
(English) Brothers From Other Mothers
March Königgrätzer Marsch
Established August 17, 2010
Country USLSSR
Nicknames The Red Legionnaires
Sub-branches Foreign Parachutists
Previous Engagements Atlantis Civil War
Commander-in-Chief Alex Ulbricht
Minister of Da Fence Joseph
General information
Headquarters Leestani Soviet Socialist Republic
Active personnel 6
Standard weapon Type 56 Assault Rifle
Assault weapon Type 67 Machine Gun

The Foreign Legion of the USLSSR (Serbian: Страни Легија УСЛССР) is a unique military unit in micronational world established in 2010. The legion was created for non-soviet nationals wishing to serve in the Armed Forces. However, it is also open to the population of the USLSSR. Their training focuses not only on military skills but also on the strong bonds between the men who have come from around the world to fight for the USLSSR. As its men come from different countries with different cultures, many of them do not share a common language, therefore English is taught to all Legionnaires if it is not their mother tongue.


The Foreign Legion took part in the Atlantis Civil War in September 2010, no losses were taken.


4th Divison

1st Gaurds

Logistical Corps

Foreign Applicants Notice

  • Eight to Twelve months of service will gain any foreigner serving in the Foreign Legion citizenship that is fully equal to that of a person born into the USLSSR


To apply to join the Foreign Legion you must:

  • Be of sound mind and body
  • Be willing to fight for the Motherland
  • Be physicly fit
  • Be able to speak English or be willing to learn it
  • Not a citizen of an enemy of the state

If you meet these requirments and are willing to join leave a message on the talk page or on the national talk page.

Legionnaire's Creed

  • Art. 1 - As a Legionnaire, I am a volunteer serving the Motherland, I will remeber this as I fight.
  • Art. 2 - Every legionnaire is my brother, regardless of his nationality, race, or religion. I will treat him as so.
  • Art. 3 - I will respect the traditions, show devotion to my leaders, discipline and comradeship are my strengths, courage and loyalty my virtues.
  • Art. 4 - I will be Proud of my status as a Legionnaire, I shall show this with my uniform, which is always impeccable, my behaviour always dignified but modest, and my home always clean.
  • Art. 5 - Without my rifle I am nothing, Without me my rifle is nothing.
  • Art. 6 - In combat, I will act with passion but without hate, I will respect the enemy, I will never leave a man behind, nor surrender my arms.


The idea for a Foreign Legion was take from the famous French Foreign Legion. The two events really made an impression on the government: 1) Battle of Dien Bien Phu where 10,000 Legionnaires held out against 40,000 Viet Minh troops for almost two months and 2) Battle of Camarón where 65 Legionnaires held a fort against the Mexican army until they made a do or die charge against the Mexicans and when they were captured the Mexican commander couldn't kill them for the bravery they showed so they were allowed to leave the battlefield with their colours and arms. Along with these events the Legion also shows that we can get a dependable fighting force from around the globe.


Planned Uniform, Equipped with Type 56 Weapons
Planned Uniform, Equiped with Type 67 Machine Gun