Air Defence Forces of the USLSSR

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Soviet Air Force
Founded 9 June 2010
Country USLSSR
Size 2 Aircraft
Part of Armed Forces of the USLSSR
Base SAFB Leestan
Motto Strike the Fascists From Above!
March None
Chief of Staff Air Marshal Daniel Terry
Commander in Chief President Alex Ulbricht
Aircraft flown
Attack USL-01, USL-02


Helicopter None
Interceptor USL-01
Reconnaissance USL-02
Trainer None
Transport None

The Air Defence Forces of the USLSSR is the air force branch of the Armed Forces of the USLSSR and is responsible for the defence of the USLSSR's airspace.


The Air Force was created after the June Revolution and as a result is the only armed service that didn't take part in the revolution (foreign volunteers took part in the revolution thus meaning the Foreign Legion is said to have taken part).


USL-01 - "June Revolution" - P-51D Mustang (RC Plane). A short fly time aircraft used for attack but mainly for reconnaissance
USL-02 - "Wanting" - Mig-21. Totally useless rusting "hunk of junk". Could dominate the skies but too expensive to restore and no trained pilots mean it will remain grounded indefinitely