Ground Forces of the USLSSR

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Ground Forces of the USLSSR
Копнене снаге УЈЛССР-а

Emblem of the Ground Forces
Motto: (Serbian): Ни корак назад од отаџбине
(English) Not One Step Back Towards the Motherland
March Triumphal March
Established June 10, 2010
Country USLSSR
Nicknames The Red Army
Sub-branches Special Operations (Spetsnaz)
Previous Engagements June Revolution

Second War for Victoria Atlantis Civil War

Commander-in-Chief Alex Ulbricht
Minister of Da Fence Joseph
General information
Headquarters Leestani Soviet Socialist Republic
Active personnel 16
Standard weapon Type 56 Assault Rifle
Assault weapon Type 67 Machine Gun

The Ground Forces of the USLSSR (Serbian: Копнене снаге УCЛССР-а), also abbreviated to GFU is the national army of the USLSSR. They are mainly equiped with Type 56 weapons gained on a diplomatic mission to PR China. The Ground Forces motto sybolizes the bravery and willingness to give everything for the defence Motherland. They are currently taking part as a lead in the Second War for Victoria.


Campaign Medals