Hero of the USLSSR

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Hero of the USLSSR
(Serbian) Херој УЈЛССР-а

Hero of the USLSSR
Awarded by the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics
Type State Title and Award
Awarded for Heroic feats in service to the State
Status Currently awarded
Established 9 June 2010
First awarded 16 August 2010
Total awarded 5
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Order of Parsons

This is an award given out by the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics.The title of Hero of the USSSR is awarded to those who the state deem to have preformed a heroic deed in the name of the state. Currently 5 have been awarded to various members of the community and citizens of the USLSSR.

Once a person is awarded the title of Hero then they will be know as for example Hero Rory Cahill.