Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics

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Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics
Coat of arms
Motto: People of South London Unite!
Anthem: The Sandwich Internationale

the USLSSR, in red
CapitalLee Green
Official languagesEnglish, Serbian
GovernmentUnion of Socialist Republics
• President
Alex Ulbricht
• Vice-President
Oliver Honecker
• General Secretary
Rory Krenz
LegislatureSupreme Soviet
EstablishmentFormed: 9th June 2010
Reformed: 4th March 2013
• Census
CurrencyUSLSSR Ruble
Time zoneUTC
Preceded by
Lewisham Democratic Republic
This nation is a member of the EMCO and the AMU.

The Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics or Soviet South London or more commonly the USLSSR (IPA: [ju ɛs ɛl ɛs ɛs ɑr]), is a micronation in Europe and Antarctica. It operates as a union of four Socialist Republics. Three of these Republics lie in South London covering an area that runs along part of the bank of the River Thames, with the fourth Republic located in Victoria Land and East Antarctica. Originally established as a federal socialist state ruled by the CPSL in June 2010, it continued as such until September 2011 when it joined the Nemkhav Federation and then collapsed in on itself leaving the Lewisham Democratic Republic as its successor. In March of 2013, after the LDR had become independent from the Nemkhav Federation, the USLSSR was reformed with its original borders and the LDR dissolved to become a part of the union.

The USLSSR operates a system of Soviet Democracy which is administered by the CPSL and the President of the Union, Alex Ulbricht. The Communist Party operates the day to day functions of the state through the Politburo, but the Supreme Soviet has overall legislative power within the Union.

The economy is centrally planned, by the People’s Commissariat of Agriculture and Industry, and predominantly state owned. The economy is predominantly agricultural and knowledge based, with production of academic work and green vegetables high. State resources are pooled by central government and then distributed to citizens according to need. Income disparity is extremely low, happiness levels have been rising since reestablishment and the literacy rate is 100%. The most commonly spoken language is English, although Serbian is considered to be an official language of the state. The USLSSR is a member of the Nemkhav Union, the AMU and the EMCO; it was formerly a member of the WMA, the OAM, the IMTO and the GUM.


The June Revolution

On the 8th of June 2010, the June Revolution began as a physical movement. It had been discussed for the week preceding the event by a small group of revolutionaries, in those early days led by Rory Krenz. However on the 8th these revolutionary students of Year 11 rose up and declared themselves independent of the United Kingdom and its ‘Imperialist ways’. Many Factors had culminated in the non-violent revolution, the most major factor being the lack of political action taken by the left wing in the UK, alongside the hatred of Catholic doctrine which was used as a ‘tool of oppression’ by the regime led by M.V. Ryan within the Greenwich school. The three most extreme left wingers in the group rose to prominence due to their hard-line views. On June 9 (now National Revolution Day in the country) events moved at a frenzied pace, with the formation of a Union of Socialist states in South London, which concluded in the dissolving of the LSSR into this Union. At approximately 12pm UTC Alex Ulbricht assumed control of the country, in doing so he also appointed Oliver Honecker as his second in command. It was met by a small challenge by Krenz, who eventually conceded and took on the role of General Secretary under Ulbricht's regime.

In the hour or so after the formation of the Union had taken place a counter revolution, led by the infamous Danny Harris, took place but was crushed in the playground by a series of insults and pranks (including the well remembered bag inside outing). By the end of June 9 the Revolution had been completed and the Soviet government went about removing right-wing and counter-revolutionary elements from within the citizenship of the country. It was in these actions that the CPSL secured its hold on power within the country.

Soviet-Starland Situation

At the time of the country's entry to MicroWiki the downfall of the leading left wing nation was taking place, Erusia. At the time a civil war had broken out in Erusia, now known to be a fantasy nation, and the USLSSR gave its support to the left wing rebels. This brought criticism from many nations, most notably Starland. Starland threatened embargos and removal from the community unless the USLSSR withdrew its support for the rebels in the Erusian Civil War. Naturally, the USLSSR protested and a two week "News Feed War" took place, with both countries releasing multiple statements on the issue, bringing the two sides near to war. Yet sensibility prevailed and the then President Alex Ulbricht and the King of Starland Nik Hart came to an agreement meaning both sides decided on a policy of détente.

Following these events Starland had little contact with the USLSSR, although contact was retained and stayed friendly. In a further development in March 31, 2012, Nik Hart sent an email to many micronational leaders claiming that he had effectively been the sole active citizen of Starland, and that most of the country's alleged citizens never existed. Hart apologized for his long-running hoax and expressed a desire to remain within the Microwiki community.

Istorian Antarctic Aggression

On the 13th August 2010, the USLSSR announced its claim to land on the Antarctic Continent. However, unbeknown to them, the area claimed was also claimed by the Istorian Government. Due to this territorial dispute, Istoria saw it fit to declare war upon the USLSSR (even though they are separated by more than 1000 miles) and from the 14–16 August 2010 the USLSSR was involved in the Second War for Victoria which is also known as the Istorian War of Aggression. On the 16th of August, a peace deal was signed by both parties, after discussion took place between both governments, and part of Istoria's territory was ceded to the USLSSR. The war is commemorated by a medal and a national holiday on the 16th of August has been celebrated each year since, including in the Lewisham Democratic Republic.

OAM Period

Prior to the USLSSR's acceptance into the Organisation of Active Micronations the country had taken part in the Atlantis Civil War, entry into this war was due to an alliance with the Republic of Atlantis, however after much debate within the Supreme Soviet and Politburo, all but diplomatic support for the government of Atlantis was withdrawn. This is the last war, to date, that the USLSSR has been involved in directly.

Following the end of the Civil War in Atlantis, the USLSSR was accepted into the OAM after several failed attempts to join. It was at this time that the country tried to improve its standing within the community through diplomatic talks and a new policy of general friendliness toward many nations. Yet during 2011 the USLSSR participated in a mass walk out from the OAM in protest of Gordon Freeman's tenure as Secretary General and allegations of unfair voting practices.

Post-OAM Period

After the country's departure from the OAM very little visibly changed in terms of diplomatic policy and relationships with foreign state, however events in the neighbouring United Kingdom caused trouble within the USLSSR. Rioting took place in areas north of the Anglo-Soviet border but on the night of the 8th August 2011 rioting spread into the USLSSR's territory causing damage to the surrounding areas. At one point rioters were sighted around 200 meters from the Presidential Palace, this led to the mobilization of the armed forces to protect vital government buildings in the vicinity of the riots. By the 10th of August the riots had subsided and the clean up operation, which involved much of the population, was undertaken. No damage had been done to government institutions and no citizens were reported to have taken part, as a result the Soviet government was pleased to allow British authorities to deal with those rioters that entered its sovereign territory.

Into Nemkhavia and collapse

On October 29, 2011, the USLSSR applied to join the Nemkhav Federation. Due to a 2-day delay, it was accepted on November 8, rather than November 6. On the 20th of November 2011 the LDR succeeded the USLSSR as a republic within the Nemkhav Federation and took over all the USLSSR's previous powers as a republic within the federation. The LDR was the birthplace of the Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham, the party that was the local ruler and was part of the Union of Nemkhav Communists on a Federal level, which was a coalition of Socialist parties across the Nemkhav Federation. The reasons behind the collapse and move to the LDR mainly stemmed from the chronic inactivity within internal politics during the later stages of 2011 and the early months of 2012. The Soviet government at the time no longer saw a system of Soviet Democracy to be viable with the low levels of citizen participation and thus a move to a less time consuming representative system was seen as the best option.


Early in 2013, members of the Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham declared their intention to reform the USLSSR and went about adjusting the internal divisions of the Union into only three Republics, those being Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley. This more streamlined system of Republics was expected to do away with the problems of the previous system, which in the main was the potential for choric inactivity.

This act however did see the end of the Lewisham Democratic Republic. President Ulbricht signed off the final piece of legislation from the Volkskammer which stated, that ‘1. The USLSSR is deemed to be the successor state to Lewisham DR 2. All State functions of the LDR are to cease and be turned over to Soviet authorities’. After this legislation was approved, the Socialist Unity Party dissolved itself after publicly accepting that it was not the organisation that could play the legitimate role as the vanguard Party of the people of South London.

Shortly after the dissolution of the SUPL, the party’s former members agreed to form the Communist Party of the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics and claim direct lineage from the party which formerly held this name, later the name was changed to 'Communist Party of South London'. Immediately following the formation of the party a congress was called within which the independence of the USLSSR was declared.

Government and Politics

The USLSSR is a Union of Socialist Republics which is largely dominated by Marxist political ideas and policy. The CPSL dominates the political structures, occupying all high level positions in its self prescribed role of being the vanguard party of the workers of South London. At present Ulbricht and Krenz are seen as the dual leaders of the country, with other Communist Party officials filling offices that get less public exposure.

However, since the reformation of the Union a system of Soviet democracy has been implemented which affords all citizens the ability to sit on their local council and be nominated to represent their areas in high level Soviets, building up to the Supreme Soviet where national issues are discussed and legislated for.

Communist Party of South London

The Communist Party is the dominant political organisation in the USLSSR, holding all government positions. The Party follows the adapted ideas of Marxism, alongside Trotskyism, as the basis of its policy. The Party itself has a rigid structure which affords almost complete power to the Politburo, which is made up of the Party's Technical Secretary, Chairman and Chief Political Officer. The Politburo of the CPSL takes on the role of a day to day decision making body for the Soviet state and holds the ability to seize control of the state in the event of a serious crisis. This idea is taken from Trotsky who stated ‘there is a limit to the application of democratic methods. You can inquire of all the passengers as to what type of car they like to ride in, but it is impossible to question them as to whether to apply the brakes when the train is at full speed and accident threatens.’


Due to the system of Soviet democracy that is in place within the country the only elections that take place on a national level are those for the President. Only one election has been held, 2011, in which the Communist Party candidate, along with his ‘Socialist Alliance’ running mate, was elected to the country’s executive position.

These Presidential elections are mandated every three years by the Soviet constitution, the campaigning process for the 2014 elections is due to begin in the latter months of 2013, although no opposition candidate has so far come forward as a potential rival to Alex Ulbricht, the CPSL candidate.

Government Positions

  • President of the Union - Alex Ulbricht
  • Vice President - Oliver Honecker
  • General Secretary - Rory Krenz
  • People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs – Oliver Plum
  • People’s Commissariat of Interior Affairs – Oliver Honecker
  • People’s Commissariat of Public Services – Alex Ulbricht
  • People’s Commissariat of Agriculture and Industry – Joe Stoph
  • People’s Commissariat of Justice – Karolis Maleuda
  • People’s Commissariat of Culture and Sport – Joe Sindermann
  • People’s Commissariat of Gay/Bi/Lesbian Affairs – Oliver Plum

Provincial Republics

LSSR- Leestani SSR President: Alex Ulbricht

BSSR- Blackfen SSR President: Rory Krenz

WSSR - Welling SSR President: Oliver Honecker

KSSR- Kidbrookania SSR President: Karolis Maleuda

NESSR- New Eltham SSR President: Joe Sindermann

MSSR- Mottingham SSR Ex-President: Daniel Terry (dissolved: absorbed into LSSR)


ASSR- Antartican SSR

Marsflag.png MSSR - Martian SSR

  • All territories come under direct control of the government


The USLSSR has a proud military history dating all the way back to its foundation on the 9th June 2010.

The army currently numbers a staggering 16. The USLSSR is will be trying to acquire arms during a good will mission to China which will take place during the summer of 2010 led by our Diplomatic Minister Oliver Honecker. The mission has currently gained us 3 Type 56 assault rifles (airsoft) and 1 type 67 machine gun (airsoft).

Ground Forces

Naval Fleet of the USLSSR

Foreign Legion of the USLSSR


Hero of the USLSSR - Highest Award for Service to the State

Order of Parsons - Second Highest Award for Service to the State

Order of Lenin and the June Revolution - Bottom tier for Service to the State and actions during the June Revolution


1.00 USLSSR Ruble = 48.22 Russian Rubles

2.00 USLSSR Ruble = £1.00

1 USLSSR Ruble = 100 kopeks

Territorial Claims

  • London borough of Lewisham
  • London borough of Greenwich
  • London borough of Bexley



Date English Name Serbian Name Remarks
June 8 Foundation Day Дан оснивања
June 9 Revolution Day Дан Револуција Typicaly Celebrated with copious amounts of intoxicants and many jokes about Danny Harris
July 7 Day of Sadness Дан туге To commemorate those lost in the terrorist attacks on London in 2005
August 16 Antarctican Victory Day Антарктички Дан победе To mark the Soviet victory in its war with Istoria
November 9 National Comedy Day Национални Дан комедије
November 14 Vettel Day Дан Себастијана Ветела To celebrate Sebastian Vettel's 1st Formula 1 title


Closed down shops and George. The sights are few and far between in the USLSSR, some spots of natural beauty include Eltham Park and Manor Park; both being popular meeting points for citizens.


The local team is Welling United. Welling till we die. The USLSSR has joined the MFA meaning it will take part in the 2012 Football World Cup, the country hopes to progress past the qualifying stages in the tournament and some dreamers believe they can win the trophy in 2012.

National Anthem

The Sandwich Internationale

Oh South London,

land of the sarny,

Made for the people,

of the sandwich!

United by sickle,

hammer and pickle,

but no brie,

for the Nation of London!