Communist Party of South London

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Communist Party of the USLSSR
Комунистичка партија УСЛССР
Leader Alex Whitmarsh
Chairperson Rory Cahill
President Alex Whitmarsh
Founded June 9, 2010
Newspaper Comes via USLSSR Public Media
Membership 7
Ideology Leninism, Leeism (work currently in progress)
International affiliation Socialist InterMicronational
Official colors Gold, Red, Blue

The Communist Party of the USLSSR is the ruling and the only party in a position to win elections in the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics. The Party came to power on June 9th 2010 at the end of the June Revolution. The Party told the people that they would receive the "Spoils of Victory", however many claim never have to received a kopek from the Party. The Party currently runs alongside the Socialist Alliance in elections.

Like many other micronational Communist Parties the political nature and structure of the Party has been greatly influenced by the Soviet system of government. The use of Soviets from the grass roots level all the way up to National Government gives a greater sense of involvement for the people in the political process.

However the Party is criticized by some for running the country with an "Iron Fist”. Examples cited are the exile of Danny Harris, who according to the Party committed acts of treason by giving himself the title of “King of South London”, it was said that Oliver Parsons, the Vice-President at the time, shouted in a fit of rage “If I had my way that Anti-Revolutionary fool would be sent to the gulags! The front of the decedent Capitalists is unending!