Chance Anderson

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Chance Anderson
President of Kozuc
in office
2010 - 2011
Vice President Riley Small
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Liam Barnard
Citizenship Kozuc (Former)
Political party conservative
Occupation Politician
Military service
Allegiance Kozuc
Service/branch None
In service 2010 - 2012
Rank Commander-in-Chief

His Excellency Chance Anderson, First Commander, Guide to the Revolution, is the former and first President of Kozuc. He was in power for the first year of the existence of Kozuc, and was an active member in its administration. Prior to that, he was Overlord of the United Provinces Under Chance and the King of Zurdonia, predecessor states to the current Republic. During this time, he ruled via the military and started what effectively became a Cult of Personality.

Anderson was an extremely important individual in the shaping of Kozuc's culture, and is still revered by its citizens as one of its founders. However, Chance left micronationalism in 2011. He was symbolically awarded the Guide to the Revolution in 2011 for his role in the first Kozuc Revolution during the Atlantis Civil War by current President Riley Small.

The capital city, San Chance, and the military contracting company Anderson Arms is named after Chance. The Territory of Bourland is named after Chance's former step-father, who was killed in action serving for the United States Marine Corp.